Brain wave music for peak performance

brain wave music

Can brain wave music really make us more productive? Before answering that, let’s analyze how the brain works. Electric impulses or waves are generated by brain cells and the cells associated with the brain (nerve cells). These waves carry information to and fro the brain. These waves are termed as brain waves, and our performance is heavily affected by them.

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Brain wave music can and do synchronize 

Recent studies have indicated that our brain waves can and do synchronize with music. Although the effects are profound in musicians than non-musicians, the principle still applies. An experiment conducted by researchers from New York University, employed magneto-encephalography (MEG) to check this hypothesis, and the researchers concluded that the brain does indeed attempt to synchronize with music sound waves.

Effect of brain wave music on our body

With conclusive scientific proof that our brain waves do synchronize with music, we can move on to the next question: why does it matter? This was answered by the aforementioned researchers. Who stated that this synchronization allows the human brain to better access the body functions and increase the overall efficiency of our systems.

Music and peak performance

Brain waves have varying frequencies: from high frequency beta waves to low frequency delta waves. At any one point, one wave is dominant, while the rest are present in the background. Our peak activity, for day to day activities, is associated with beta waves, whereas the opposite is true for delta waves. Brain wave music, for optimum productivity, tends to target beta waves. If you want to reach a flow state alpha is great. This results in an overall flow. If you want to relax and get into a meditative state try some theta wave music. 

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So the next time, you’re seated in your comfy seat at home trying hard to complete your assignment. Why not try some brain wave music to help you alongside, just as I do.

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