Black and white outfits with Femme Luxe Finery

Black and white are favorites any season! Love this trend, but need some advice? Read on! 
You can combine black and white clothing in endless combinations. Black and white combinations are often timeless and elegant. Femme Luxe Finery has opted for black and white in their collections. These are key pieces to invest in your wardrobe and can be used in summer and winter. Black and white designs with special motifs such as flower, diamond, and see-through mesh, dots and stripes make it even more fun. Therefore always invest in good black and white basics and combine these with statement items.

                                                                                         Mesh Polka Dot Top

Black and white prints

Black and white designs like mesh tops with polka dots bring together two classic basic colors in a timeless combination. Black and white are two timeless color classics. Whether it is interior design, product designs or fashion items, we see this color and color combinations every season. Whether it is a stripe design, snake print, dots or graphic patterns, they all ensure casual fashion combinations. The color combination of black and white gives a strong force to our patterns and silhouettes and plays the game of light and shadow.

Black and white is never boring and allowed every day. Today you can wear nice black jeans with top for a casual look and tomorrow boho chic with ruffles and frills.

Black is timeless, dresses well, combines well and knows no seasons. Because you can also wear black in the summer.

Snake Print bodysuit
                                                                                     Snake Print Bodysuit

Black and white in the summer

Opt for breathable materials that loosely wrap around your body, such as cotton, linen, chiffon, and silk, and leave heavier, wintery materials such as suede, tweed, and leather in the closet. Lace is also nice at summer temperatures. It looks timeless and light yet well dressed. There is plenty to find on Femme Luxe Finery because mesh see-through materials are currently a real fashion hit. Beautiful and suitable with every figure: a lace top or blouse with lace sleeves on linen trousers or skirt with A-line.

Is it better to wear black than white in the summer? That is not entirely true. White clothing does indeed reflect sun rays but also retains body heat through that reflective capacity. Black clothing absorbs body heat. Go for loose-fitting, airy clothing, then the first best summer breeze will bring that warmth.

High waist black jeans

                                                                                 High waist black jeans

Mix textures and materials!

Those who dare go completely in black. Mix textures and materials. And alternate different fabrics and types of finish with each other. This prevents your black-on-black combination from looking too boring and you keep it exciting. Think of a wide top of stretch fabric with a V-neck, ruffles and cap sleeves on loose-fit pants with rolled-up legs. And let that sun-kissed skin feel free; with an off-shoulder top or open sandals.

Is black not your color?

For many color types, black quickly becomes a dark, hard color. Especially if you are very pale it can make you look even worse. In particular the light and (neutral) muted color types, such as the cool summer type. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear black. Maybe you have a black coat in your closet. Or do you have to wear this color for your work? You see there are a number of options to wear black even if it is not ‘your color’. For example, wear the color black under your waist and not close to your face.

So wear a black skirt, trousers, tights, high heels or handbag if you really want to wear black. Choose a top color from your color palette under your face. If you wear black just below your face, this will really affect your face. You can look tired and gray when black is not your color. It can also strengthen wrinkles, create circles under your eyes and make your chin look optically heavier. So be careful with black under your face, especially when you have reached an age that gets more wrinkles.

Black Jumpsuit 
                                                                                        Black Jumpsuit

Black accessories

Find a balance by combining. Black and white is a true classic. You can wear a dark maxi dress or jumpsuit with a gray denim jacket or chic with an off-white jacket. And a black dress with snow-white sneakers looks great with tanned legs. Difficult? Combine your jumpsuit with beautiful black accessories or some red high heels and a nice Chanel handbag, a statement necklace or chic earrings.

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