Baby Cribs – Types and Things to Consider Before Buying

baby crib

More often than not, a cradle is designed to be rocked again and forth. Many parents will choose to use either one of these types for it is straightforward and convenient to use.

Types of Baby Baby cribs


This is sometimes referred to as a conventional baby crib. It is just a no-frills baby crib model. It doesn’t have any unique features such as a canopy and also the capability to convert to the bed. An excellent model of this type of crib is the Jenny Lind baby crib. You can find a standard crib starting at around $100 and it will usually serve your child until about the age of two.

There are two varieties with this crib: The single drop side and The double drop sides. There’s no need to adapt mattress height for this type of standard crib. It indeed is more expensive than single drop side.


Canopy infant cribs come in the standard rectangular form or a round shape. This specific type of cribs has posts which you can place fabric canopies. This particular is more expensive when compared to a standard crib. You will also save money buying bedding since you will have to purchase litter that includes the canopy.


Round baby cribs are becoming the more popular option for new parents. They’re much more expensive than a standard crib, it’s around $1000, but you can find cheaper ones. The good thing about this is that they can fit well into a corner.


As the name implies, this sort of crib is one which converts as the child grows. It starts off as a typical crib then switches to a child bed then to a full-size bed. Typically the good thing about convertible crib is that you can utilize it from infancy until your child’s developed. Convertible baby cribs obviously are more expensive than standard cribs you could find them starting at around $300 which is still a good deal when you consider the years of use you will get from it.


Portable baby cribs are about a 3rd smaller than a standard crib. The features of this are it occupies less space, affordable and convenient to use. This type of cribs can be found for under $100. You can even bend this to travel comfortably. The downside of this is the baby will likely outgrow it sooner than a standard size crib.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The distance between slats or bars must be spaced no more than 2 3/8 in. Separate. Anything more substantial, the baby’s head reaches risk of becoming trapped.

  • Drop edges when lowered are not any less than 9 in. Over a mattress support.
  • Drop edges should be at minimum 26 in. Above the mattress support when it is raised.
  • Make sure crib mattress fits comfortably with merely two (2) hands width between mattress and crib side and it also should be firm. A bed mattress that is too small or too soft boosts the risk of entrapment or suffocation.
  • Protected drop part locking mechanism.

No peeling fresh paint, rough edges, corners, or cracks.

With so many products and features for baby cribs, it at times becomes little challenging for us to select the right one for all of us. Therefore a plan to buy a good one will surely help you pick up the right kind of crib for the young child. The above would be the few things to consider while you make baby cribs plans for your child.

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