Top 3 favorite outfits for women with curves

We can all agree now that curvy girls rock! There was a time when everyone wanted to be skinny, thank god this beauty ideal changed and so many women and celebrities stand for what they believe in; women with curves are beautiful! One of my favorite online clothing stores has the most stunning dresses, sexy jumpsuits, party dresses and cute tops. Owned by model and actress Jainmy Martinez, I can say she definitely has an eye for the most glamorous outfits. No matter what size you have you will love the collection! I made a top 3 of my favorite outfits.

1.) Lovely white sexy Cocktail Jumpsuit $59.00















2.) Orange V-Neck Long Sleeves Maxi Dress with slit and waist tie $59.00















3.) Chic Quarter Sleeved Light Denim Wash Mini Dress $48.00


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