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A rocking chair has been a piece of furniture that has been passed down from one generation to another in many communities. One of the most popular being the wooden rocker owned by many old people. Currently, the rocker is made out of all kinds of materials for example wood, plastic, and wrought iron; the chairs are not just for indoors use.

Rocking chair history

Rocking chair history dates back to the early 17th century in Philadelphia where manufacturers first recognized the Windsor chair. Many of these Windsor chairs are not seen around today unless you search an antique store because they aren’t the best-crafted chairs out there and few have survived the ages.

Although the Windsor rocker was very popular during colonial times up to when the Boston Rocker came out in 1840.

Its original inventor is not known to us, though many people believe Benjamin Franklin is the one who invented it. The early 17th century is when the rocking chair is thought to have been developed. North America is considered to be its first area of use.

In 1725, the chairs began to be used in England. However, they looked much different than they appear nowadays. The design of the rocking chairs was of hoop-shaped backs, and the chairs were mostly used in the outdoors. Our modern-day model did not come until it was invented by the English North American colonies.

Windsor rockers design

The Windsor rockers, also called the Windsor design was created near Windsor in the early 1800s. The modern-day design of rocking chairs originated from Windsor design.
The rocking chair was just as famous in England, though they were used mainly in outdoor settings like patios and gardens.

Wicker rocking chairs

Wicker was eventually used in the 18th century as a material for rocking chairs. This material produced wholly woven chairs which sold well were high volume and became very famous as decorative pieces for outdoor space and used as outdoor furniture. Other rocking chairs include Adirondack which has flat armrests and sits near to the ground. These seats are roomy and are found around pool areas.

Bentwood Rockers

Michael Thonet who was A German national created a rocking chair called the bentwood in 1860. This chair was unique because of its comfortable model and was extremely lightweight. He steamed the wood and bent it to achieve an elegant look which attributes to its name. These rocking chairs became famous around the globe.

Folding rocking chairs

In 1920, folding rocking chairs were famous due to their portability which made them easy to travel with and were used in outdoor activities. Sam Maloof created another uniquely looking rocking chair in the 1950s; this design was more durable than the previous ones.

Currently, different rockers designs are being invented. They are becoming more and more original each year. Individuals are creating and developing new types of rockers that are changing our experience every day.


Rocking chairs have been around for ages. Despite this, many people don’t know their real history. For instance, Where they come from? Who invented them? Etc. Most people know they are fun to sit in and attribute their rocking motion to stress release and back pain removal, but not many people know exactly how they came to.

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