Art of the week: Disintegrating Cars by Fabian Oefner


Swiss artist Fabian Oefner has taking the initiative to blend engineering and photography in art form. Oefner has designed images that show vehicles giving the illusion of exploding  with all the parts and component in mid. Fabians photos are comprised of five images that are computer generated.

The images are formed by sketch with the placement of all parts strategically placed. After replicated the sketch in real time a body shell is formed. Fabian disassembles each component of the model, individually placing each piece with needles and string. Thousands of photographs are taken of each individual car part from all angles. The photos are taken as high-speed images in order to capture a large number of photos to work with in the end. Images that look like they took a second to capture actually took months to have finalized.

The disassembly of the vehicle in the photo is a long process that is meticulous and time consuming adding to the duration it takes to complete the marvelous photos. Photography is a great way to express ones interest and reflect on passion.

Oefner’s images reflects is true appreciation and passion for both photography and engineering alike. His photos show attention to the details and engineering of automobile and the many components that go into the creation of the piece of art that is an automobile.



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