How to throw a luxury wedding on a budget?

luxury wedding

Everyone would like to have the most dreamy, romantic, luxury wedding. And you know what? We all deserve it. After all, it is our special day, a day to remember. So, if you think your low budget can stop you from having your dreams come true, you might want to read this. Yes, dear ones, you can have a perfect, fairy tale luxurious wedding you always dreamed of, even if you are on a budget. They key is to be wise, inform yourself and use your money the best possible way.

The first and the most important thing, apart from your lovely guests and of course, perfect wedding dress is the wedding venue. As you can always ask your creative friend to be your personal photographer and make some DIY glamorous decorations and confetti with your besties, here are top 5 tips for finding a lovely, yet luxurious wedding venue for the most important day of your life, as we all know the venue can be pretty expensive part of this story.

  1. Outdoor venues

This is particularly a great option if you are getting married during late spring and summer months. What is so great about outdoor venues is that they are usually much cheaper than indoor solutions. Not only that, but this option gives you many varieties, whether it is a large garden, a beach or a nice field outside the town. Even your own beautiful garden can do with Live Wedding Music Central Coast. A friend has got a lovely backyard at their weekend house they would lend you for a day? Great! The space is all yours and you can spend the rest of money on effective decorations, white tables golden ribbons and expensive champagne to make it all look glamorous.

  1. Small town wedding venue

All the venues in your city are too expensive? Remember how in movies the richest couples get married somewhere private, outside the city? Yes, you are getting a hint here. You might not be able to rent an Italian villa in a quiet village in Sicily, but you sure can get spacious venue and decorate it to look like a luxury wedding. Expand your horizon and look for less popular venues outside the town. These will be less expensive and making your guests travel a little bit to see the two of you will make you feel like a celebrity.

  1. Say yes to non-traditional venues

Now, let’s talk about the non-traditional wedding venues. Who says you have to rent strictly wedding venues? Golf club? Large pool? Absolutely! Country club?  Art Gallery? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just imagine, polished wooden floors of the gallery in combination with great lighting, elegant details and nice music. The trick here is to take time to find for places and owners who would let you use their space for such a lovely event. Most of these places are spacious enough for you to organize a luxury wedding, all you need is a bit of persuasion and charm. You will undoubtedly have a unique wedding and plus you will save your money.

  1. Private estate venues and mansions

While certified wedding venues have a lot of history and experienced organizers and owners who can help you with the details, the trick to having a low budget luxury wedding includes both wit and creativity. Yes, you can rent castles, villas and mansions for less than you could possibly think of. All you need to do is inform yourself well and keep on searching for estate owners in your area who would allow you to have a wedding party in their property. Renting a real estate has two benefits: first, you can have an unforgettable, almost royal-like wedding, and second, you can have it all for less money that you even imagined.

  1. Go for one wedding venue instead of two

This is where a lot of couples make mistake when dispersing their budget. Since most of the weddings take place at two locations, one for the reception, and the second one for the wedding party, most lovebirds search for two locations without second guessing. This off course, means splitting your already tight budget in half and usually getting two averagely attractive locations. So, instead of going for this option, there is a better idea – renting only one of the Bijou Venues for both reception and party. This will not only save money, but will get you as a couple much better and far more luxurious wedding venue for the same price. The focus here will be on your creativity and organizational skills, but one thing is for sure – luxurious will be a synonym for your wedding day.

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