5 Best Honeymoon Destinations

The biggest and most important decision in this case is location. Location will make or break your honeymoon vacation.

After dealing with the stress of planning the wedding of your dreams or of your partners dreams it’s now time to plan you honey moon. This preparation task should be totally enjoyable. This is a time for celebrating a pledge and bond to each other. So where to spend this celebratory time is the question. The biggest and most important decision in this case is location. Location will make or break your honeymoon vacation.

The location should be a place of relaxation with great scenery, most newlyweds emphasize. Tropical beach locations seem to be the ideal placement for honeymoon destinations. No one knows the exact reason why. It could be the beautiful days and nights, it could be the fresh foods, the beautiful accommodations.


Many try to list on the top destination for honeymoon but in actually preference help to create a chronological list. I will go over a 5 top honeymoon destination. Mexico seems to be a great destination for honeymooners. The country has location that appeal to multiple types of couples.

Cancun is a great destination within for couple looking to have fun and enjoy a more upbeat vacation. The location has numerous resorts and hotels to accommodate everyone’s preferences. Rivera Maya is also a great destination in Mexico for honeymooners. It is outside of Cancun, offering a more relaxed vacation for newlyweds. Rivera Maya offers great weather, scenery, and beaches. They also have many all-inclusive resorts to ensure a marvelous stay. The Caribbean Islands are also a very popular travel destination.

St Lucia a very popular and beautiful paradise location that offers beautiful beaches and weather, especially desirable for honeymooners. It offers views of paradise that cannot be replicated. Jamaica is another location that will top any destination list. Montego Bay seems to be the top location within Jamaica that attracts vacationers including newlyweds. The beautiful environment couple with the local cuisines has travel continually visiting and providing impressive reviews.

Fiji has been recommendation as a top choice for honeymooners looking to celebrate their union. Fiji like some of the other destination also has great scenery and nature. Its feathering on ABC’s “the Bachelorette” may have helped with promoting its popularity. There are many other great destination that are frequently mentioned like Costa Rica, Paris, Greece, etc. that newlyweds may enjoy. Based on the type of vacation you want to enjoy there is a location for you.


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