Alternatives To Lip Fillers for fuller sexier lips

alternative to lip fillers

If you are scared of injections, there are more natural alternatives to lip fillers.

At some point in life, we ask this question; lip fillers yes or no? First thing first, what exactly are lip fillers? These are injectable drugs composed of various chemicals that enhance the volume of your lips. They can be permanent or temporary.

Temporary Fillers

HA fillers, as they are commonly known, are the most common types of temporary lip fillers. The chemical composition is hyaluronic acid (HA) and a good example would be Restylane. This is a yes for me. The reason being, you can complete erase the effect if you don’t like the new set of lips you get. All you need is another injection of the eraser chemical and in five minutes, your natural lips will be back.

Otherwise, if you like the outcome, the HA filler will last for 6 months approximately. Save a few dollars for this. Like we all know, beauty is never cheap. Avoid quacks if you don’t wish to look like a crown at the end of the process. The lips should feel as natural as possible after 24hours. That is the average time it takes to reduce the swelling resulting from the injections.

alternatives to lip fillers, lip fillers

Permanent Fillers

Are permanent lip fillers yes or no? For me, it’s a no. But this is a personal choice based on how daring you can be. However, test the waters first with the temporary fillers and see how that goes before making a permanent decision.

Alternatives To Lip Fillers

If you are just scared of these injections, there are more natural alternatives to lip fillers. Sometimes it’s the cost that you just can’t afford. Here is a natural concoction to fuller lips with zero side effects;

  • 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. You can use peppermint oil if you don’t have cinnamon.
  • And a wet cotton swab

Simply dip the cotton in the powder and apply on your lips in a massaging direction. You will experience a tingling sensation and this is how you know it’s working on your lips. Let it sit for 10 minutes before you wipe off. The fuller lips effect achieved by this method will last you for 6 hours and you can always repeat the procedure thereafter. In the meantime, floss your sexy lips with some lip balm and enjoy them while they last.


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