‘A SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO VAGINOPLASTY’ JILGYUNGYI is the safe effective alternative


Jilgyungyi is a newly released, innovative vaginal contraction product that provides a much safer and unprecedented alternative to common vaginal correction surgeries using natural means. This week, Jilgyungyi, went live for purchase and through it’s patented formula and clinical trials, has developed a carefully crafted product that strengthens the vaginal muscles, safely. Proving the female body is truly an incredible instrument, the medicine works to rejuvenate the natural feminine mechanic of tightening the vagina.

A Vaginoplasty is an extensive surgery riddled with complication and great risk that can range in cost $3,500 to $12,000 respectively. Insurance is rarely able to get involved due to the nature of the operation as it is classified as a ‘cosmetic surgery’ in most cases. 41% of individuals who undergo a Vaginoplasty have to have a second operation performed in order to prevent necrosis of the vagina. Contrived and without guarantee, the Vaginoplasty is not an advantageous way to gain a tighter vagina.

Jilgyungyi believes in the simple concept of empowering women, in a safe, healthy and responsible way that is without risk or adverse side-effect. Scientifically developed and backed by clinical trials and research Jilgyungyi boasts as an impressive result oriented product in an overly expensive and risk-oriented market that has a track record of failure. Korean based company, Haudongchun Co., Ltd is responsible for the development of the innovative new medicine and takes a great pride in differentiating itself from competitors within the market in hopes of redefining the misconception of ‘how to tighten vaginas.’

The basic pack of Jilgyungyi contains 10-tablets, proven to be a safe alternative in achieving a tighter vagina, without the risk and cost of a vaginoplasty. Empowering women doesn’t have to risk laden and scary, especially when there’s a safe alternative through natural means.

For more information, please visit: https://jgy-global.com/

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