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Engagement rings for men are now much in fashion because women’s proposing to their partners is now more acceptable. Gone are the days men had the exclusive privilege of getting engagement rings for their lady love. Added to this is the increased attraction of men towards jewelry. More and more men are now indulging in fashion items and accessories that revolve around jewelry among which men’s wedding bands find a special place. There are varieties of men’s wedding bands including engagement rings. The prelude to the grand wedding is celebrated in style by exchanging engagement rings. Grooms are now able to get a taste of male jewelry fashion even before the wedding. The styles of engagement rings that are in vogue have been discussed in this post.

Prevalent style is simple

Men’s engagement rings are much simpler in design and have a subdued appearance as compared to the diamond studded engagement rings for brides that we are all used to. This does not mean that it looks drab. Simplicity of style is what men like and a band it is in the true sense of the term. To make it look special and add some designer dimension to it, it can be made from two metals of different colors. The dual tone effect can make the rings look really fashionable. While the outer appearance remains simple, inscriptions of personal messages that portray intimacy and love can be found on the inner surface.  From names and dates to symbols of love, everything can adore the personal space under the surface of the ring.

Bedecked with jewels

What has been described above captures the trend among most men but there is a sizeable section of men who fancy bejeweled bands for use as engagement rings as you would find at Therefore, it is not unusual to see small gemstones and even diamonds being used in men’s engagement rings.  The set of stones are usually embedded in the band by placing it in a channel so that its surface remains flushed with the band. Even if a single gemstone is used it will never be the large one that looks like a bold logo. The flushed design is more practical than gemstones popping its heads on the bands that can be quite inconvenient for daily use. What sense would it make after all if the engagement ring cannot be worn always to tell the world about the impending change in marital status that awaits you?

Ring sets is another option

Another style in men’s engagement rings is the ring set that comprises of two rings that are tacitly bonded with one another thereby giving the appearance of a single ring. This allows the user to enjoy the style of wearing two rings on the same finger without actually wearing two separate rings that can look a bit weird.

Since engagement rings are followed by wedding rings, those wishing to wear both can move the engagement ring to the right hand leaving the left for the wedding band.

About the author – Terence McLaren is a fashion columnist who has a penchant for wedding bands.  He has been closely associated with some jewelers like in the capacity of advisor. His analysis of the fashion trends is expressed through blogs that he regularly writes for various organizations and forums.

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