Instagram fitness girl tips how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

instagram fitness girl

Achieving a fit body can be a dream to many. The sacrifices that come with maintaining a healthy lifestyle are extreme. You probably wonder how on earth you can look like a Instagram fitness girl. Every health conscious individual dreams to have a perfect body and a sustainable workout routine. Is it as easy to do as it’s said?

The body can certainly pull us down no matter how much we try. This challenge diminishes our motivation each day. I compiled a few points to help you build some motivation.

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It’s never too late

I’m one of those who procrastinate on starting workout regimes. The excuses going as too tired, bored or just comfortable. I got an excellent fitness girl motivation by setting a workout routine with my best friend. She is more committed to exercise than I am and that keeps me on track and never will I ever miss my training sessions.

Create a plan

One thing that pulls us back from achieving our dream bodies is not having a workout strategy. Today you wake up and jog, tomorrow you are out squatting, and by the end of the week, nothing seems to have taken root. A good plan is first to outline what exactly you want to achieve. Get a couple of exercises that will work on your problem areas.

Plan the exercises on a daily or weekly basis. This way, you can track your progress easily. One more thing set small achievable goals and work towards them. Why not strive to be a Instagram fitness girl!

Switch routines

Working out never has to be boring. The idea is having fun in the process by changing routines you are used to every time. Enroll in an aerobics class, enjoy dancing classes or plan an outdoor activity with your friends. You may also want to have different routines every week or month. However, ensure you stick to your fitness goals.

Manage your time

It’s getting hard to create time for a workout regime, especially if you have a day job. However, home workouts come in handy in such cases. You can spare 15 minutes in the morning for basic cardio exercises and 10 minutes in the evening for toning exercises. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and other sites you can try from home. Build your fitness girl motivation by ditching the escalator, taking a walk to the bus stop or working while standing.

Instagram fitness girl last tips

A healthy diet is essential to achieving your fitness goals. Eat right, hydrate and try those green smoothies. Get what suits you, create a sustainable plan and stick to your goals. See you at the top!

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