A luxury wardrobe deserves a luxury dressing room

The complete experience of retail try-rooms within the comfort of your home is what dressing rooms are all about. Dressing rooms are more than closets, they are not simply a place to “store” your clothes but a venue to try them on and be mesmerized just the way you were when you first set your eyes on them in the shop. If you’re planning on a luxury wardrobe, then consider showcasing those clothes just as luxury dresses deserve to be showcased.

What is needed?

When it comes to owning a dressing room, customizability is everything. There is no universal layout, the only thing that matters is how you want things to be. A well-lit and secluded corner would be ideal for this purpose, perhaps a seating arrangement like an ottoman or a small bench would also be a nice addition, showcases, shelves, dressing tables and mirrors are also must-have. The design is up to you, but something that fits the general décor your house would be good.

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Setting it up

The dressing room, as the name implies, must be treated like a room and not some random space in your home that you decided to dedicate to clothes. A well-furnished and organized space, adorned with display cases and trays showcasing your clothes, jewelry, and accessories will be a haven for escaping the stresses of everyday life. A flower vase, with fresh flowers put in every day, will also help give a serene and nature-friendly touch to the place.

The idea of having a personal space

But most of all, it must be a place for you. Don’t let anyone tell you how it ought to be, it is your paradise not theirs. The idea is to build an island of solace around the one thing we all love – fashion – and use it as a retreat from all of our worries.


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