Planning a Trans-Siberian Tour: The Top Travel Tips


Are you planning to experience a Trans-Siberian travel tour, which allows you to experience two continents and three countries by train like no other adventure? To make the most of your international adventure, keep these expert tips in mind so you experience the time of your life, while being safe and responsible.

These tours allow you to travel via the Trans Siberian railway with TSTC. They offer both city tours and remote tours to stops in Russia, Moscow, and China. Experts weigh in on the best time of the year to travel, where to book accommodations, and the Visa process, as well as what kind of currency to bring and if you’ll need vaccinations.

  • Gauge the seasons when picking the best time to travel. Summer is a popular time to book because Mongolia has short summers and cool nights, while Russia and China tend to be warmer and more humid, though still popular. If you want to experience the change of seasons, early fall is an excellent option too. Some of us love the winter months as well because everything is dusted with snow and so much quieter so choose what works for you.
  • Research your accommodations. If you’re focused more on a Chinese tour, you’ll find an array of traditional, modern and boutique hotels. However, there’s an array of other options as well, allowing you to experience the culture to its fullest. Some of your choices include stunning Chinese courtyard hotels, Mongolian Ger camps, or wooden Siberian home stays. You can arrange a tailor made Trans-Siberian tour to include your choice of cities, attractions, and accommodations.
  • Start researching requirements for your VISA early. It can take months to get a Russian Visa, as your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before you can even apply. Then, you need to fill forms out online, and while it only takes six business days to approve, they can be denied for missing any small detail. Not everyone needs a Mongolian Visa but they are granted for 30 day stays and must be used within 3 months of the original date. Chinese Visas are similar but easier to obtain than Russian ones.
  • Ask your doctor about any vaccinations needed. While there aren’t any required vaccinations, your doctor will strongly recommend some, in addition to making sure your Tetanus shot and Polio vaccination is current. If you’re travelling to China, you must receive a Yellow Fever vaccination, especially, if you are arriving from potentially infected areas. Otherwise, most doctors recommend you get Hepatitis A & B vaccinations, Diphtheria immunizations, and Typhoid vaccinations.
  • Bring some of your local currency, whether that is US dollars or Euros but only a little as you may find local rates are better once you arrive. You’ll find plenty of ATM’s, especially in Moscow, Beijing, and St. Petersburg. While the majority of your trip has already been paid for, it is beneficial to carry extra cash or plan to get some for extra meals and souvenirs. Russia is the most expensive and can cost up to £50 a day, while Mongolia and China range £20 to £30 a day.

While this list isn’t not complete, we hope that these tips help you plan an adventurous and safe journey. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.


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