8 Unexpected Benefits of Gut Health Supplements

gut health supplements

According to a recent survey, nearly forty percent of adults suffer from a functional gastrointestinal disorder. If you’re among this forty percent, you know just how much digestive issues can negatively impact your quality of life.

It’s more than just a few uncomfortable moments. An unhealthy gut can affect your career and personal relationships as well as your short and long-term goals.

If you’re ready to take control of your digestive tract, you may be considering taking gut health supplements. Keep reading to learn the Secrets To Good Gut Health and some unexpected benefits that these supplements can offer you.

1. Improved Heart Health 

Gut health supplements, such as probiotics and fermented foods, are often taken to help balance stomach bacteria which can reduce inflammation and bloating.

However, you may not be aware that these supplements can also help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. This can significantly improve the health of your heart.

Probiotics can help to reduce the amount of bile in the stomach, preventing it from being reabsorbed by the gut.

While this can aid in heart health, it is generally not enough to ultimately reduce cholesterol levels. Yet, it can help to make other medications more successful.

2. Reduced Allergies 

Taking probiotics has been linked to a reduction in specific allergies, especially in younger children. Drinking milk rich in probiotics may help lower the risk of developing dairy allergies, lactose intolerance, and eczema later on in life.

While there is still very little research linking gut health supplements and allergies, recent studies show a positive trend that could help to impact lives positively.

3. Boosted Immune System

If you’re someone that is often getting sick, there’s a good chance you have poor digestive health. Taking probiotics helps to introduce good bacteria into your stomach, which can help to slow the growth of bad bacteria.

This will help to make your body less susceptible to illnesses that are introduced through bacteria. Probiotics can also increase the natural antibodies in your system, reducing the severity of urinary tract infections and respiratory infections.

4. Diarrhea Prevention 

Diarrhea is a common side effect of many gastrointestinal disorders, particularly with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Diarrhea also commonly occurs while taking antibiotics, as do yeast infections.

Gut health supplements such as gutpro supplements can help balance out stomach bacteria and continuously introduce good bacteria, preventing the harmful gut bacteria from causing diarrhea and other issues.

Probiotics can also help to alleviate constipation, slowing the gut transit time and increasing weekly bowel movements. They can help to soften stool, making it easier to pass.

5. Better Mental Health 

You may be surprised to learn there is a significant gut-brain connection. This affects both physical and mental health, as one positively impacts the other.

There are many studies underway that show probiotics help to improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. This can be tied to the effects of reducing digestive problems, which can help to enhance the quality of life.

Some studies are attempting to prove that the microorganisms themselves can help improve mental health, which is another excellent reason to give gut health supplements a try.

6. Lower Risk for Chronic Diseases

Introducing good gut bacteria can help reduce the chance of developing obesity, which can lower your risk of developing chronic diseases that often come with obesity.

Using probiotics to help manage your weight and engage your metabolism can be extremely effective, which can also help to decrease your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other weight-related chronic diseases.

7. Increased Ability to Digest Lactose

If you’re lactose intolerant, you’ve most likely made the decision to give up all dairy products. The symptoms, such as bloating, diarrhea, cramps, and nausea, can disrupt your daily life.

However, you may be unaware that taking probiotics can allow you to digest dairy better. They do so by reducing the concentration of lactose in cultured and fermented foods.

They can also boost the enzyme activity that breaks down the lactose, helping to increase its function in the stomach and small intestines before it reaches the colon.

So, while you may have decided long ago that you will never be able to digest lactose, that may not always have to be the case. You may be able to enjoy your favorite ice cream once again!

8. Clearer Skin and Less Acne 

While there are still studies being done, there is a link to probiotics and clearer skin. They may help to reduce skin inflammation and the occurrence of blemishes and acne.

You can find probiotics as face creams or take them as supplements, and more studies are being done that link probiotics to better skin health. Our skin contains helpful bacteria that keep us healthy, and maintaining that good bacteria is essential.

While you may think that probiotics can only benefit the inside of your body, this couldn’t be less true. Next time you’re experiencing a breakout, considering taking a probiotic.

Reap the Benefits of Gut Health Supplements 

Dealing with digestive problems can be exhausting, especially if you’ve looked everywhere for relief. Trying gut health supplements can be a massive game-changer in your life.

However, it’s important to note that the first supplement you take may not work best for you. Don’t be afraid to try different products until you receive the relief you’re looking for.

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