The Single Girl’s Guide to Apartment Decorating

Being single is an amazing experience. You have a lot of time to dedicate to your career, take care of your health and fitness, see your friends and enjoy the freedom to explore and focus on your happiness. However, living alone can be a little daunting and boring, especially during the initial period of adapting to a new space. If you are thinking to move to Texas here are the rent trends in Houston with the most affordable neighborhoods and average rental prices. To make everything easier on yourself, you need to decorate your space for safety, comfort and style. If you just moved to a temporary rental or go your first place alone, here are few bachelorette pad tips on decorating:

Start simple

If you’re planning to stay in your new place for a longer time, it’s best to start your decorating journey with a few basics like quality bedding, easy-to-move furniture and a simple color palette (use stock-on wallpaper if you want to add some interest). It’s best to start neutral so you can change things up in the future.

Make good first impressions

No matter how small or unsightly your apartment is, you can make it shine with a few items, especially when it comes to tiny entryways. For instance, you can hang up two interesting hooks for coats and accessories, place a stylish basket for umbrellas, add a shoe closet and accompany it with a chic accent chair for easy dressing up. A mirror is also a must—it will open up the space and allow you to always look your best.

Treat your windows

Single women have to be smart about safety. One way to ensure safety and privacy is to invest in window dressing that covers your windows properly and can be adjusted to your liking. Stripped Roman shades look nice in most places, allow easy adjustment and make your space look polished and feel private and safe.

Invest in durable comfort

When you’re living alone, you have to work extra hard to achieve comfort and warmth, because single spaces often feel impersonal. Well, you can easily add some coziness to your space with carpets. Rugs are one of those perpetually-trendy items that are popular all over the world. And make sure to go natural. You can find natural fiber carpets in Hong Kong made with jute, sisal, hemp or organic wool—these will boost the health, aesthetic and sustainability in your space. Plus, if you go a little smaller in size, you can easily take your carpet with you if you decide to move.

Divide the space

Sure, you might be single and living alone, but it doesn’t mean your space can’t be divided into sections for peace and privacy. And no, you don’t have to install sliding doors—you can just use rods to hand separating curtains or invest in dividing screens. A great idea for everyone struggling with storage or seating is to divide the space with bookshelves and benches.

Create a vanity station

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No matter if you’re single and ready to mingle or longing for a break from relationships, you still want to look presentable and take good care of your beauty and health. With a simple desk and mirror, you can transform that unused corner in your bedroom into a nice vanity station with a lot of storage for skincare, makeup, hair tools and jewelry.

Start a collection

Being single is a great time to explore your passions and decorate your space according to your tastes, so why not start a collection. You can use your free time to visit galleries, shops and online stores, evolve your taste and curate something valuable. And your collection doesn’t have to contain just art—you can collect and display hats, crystals, prints, curiosities, etc.

Fill your space with plants

Sharing your space with plants provides you with a livelier interior, but it can also boost your mood and make you feel caring and useful. When you see your plant grow and thrive, it can provide you with a great boost of confidence. Plus, plants are a great low-maintenance alternative to pets (and partners).

Being single can be very liberating, and a great time to break the rules, live freely and follow your dreams. With these tips above, you won’t only have a comfy bachelorette space, but an opportunity to practice your independence and discover your tastes.

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