The Gift Guide to Choosing Men’s Footwear

men's footwear

Are you trying to figure out the best Christmas gifts for men? Whether you’re doing holiday shopping or just trying to update your husband’s wardrobe, you can find fashionable options. There’s no need to stick with the same old kicks when there are so many new styles to try.

Read on to find a gift guide to choosing men’s footwear!

Men’s Boots Always Are in Style

Boots remain a practical and stylish option when it comes to Christmas gifts for men. Choose snow boots to make winter walks a little more waterproof and warm. Or get some handsome chukka boots to pair with jeans for a Saturday in the city.

You could invest in a pair of outdoorsy boots. Turn to for durable and rugged boots. You’ll find leather styles that are fashion-forward and perfect for a day in the shop — or on a mountain.

Trail Runners Make Great Christmas Gifts for Men

Does your husband or brother love to go running? When you’re looking for shoes to help them train for their next road race, look into trail running shoes. These shoes will have the padding to ensure a healthy stride — and the style to look good on the street.

Trail runners exude a sportiness that will make your man eager to wear them. And they might just encourage him to pound the pavement to offset that holiday weight!

Go Retro with Men’s Footwear

Does your favorite guy have a specific style of shoe from his youth he gets nostalgic about? There’s no reason he can’t wear them again. When you’re drawing up your budget for Christmas gifts, you might want to set aside a little more for some retro kicks.

Whether it’s hightops or suede sneakers with chunky heels, you can find them online at secondhand sites. Or you can look for new versions of these retro styles online. After all, what’s old is new again!

Keep it Classic with Footwear Choices

Does your man work in an office setting? Or does he just have simple, classic tastes? When you’re developing a gift guide for your guy, sometimes you don’t have to get too crafty.

A pair of brown leather oxfords should be a staple in any man’s closet — and any holiday gift guide. If your husband’s oxfords are looking a little worn around the edges, save him some time and wrap up a box for Christmas.

Loaders are another good type of shoe to find. In a glossy finish, they can look refined with a pressed pair of slacks. Or he can dress them down when paired with some trim jeans, a fall jacket, and a scarf.

Follow the Latest Men’s Winter Fashion Trends

When it comes to men’s footwear, the options are endless. From retro hightop sneakers to leather boots, you can’t go wrong by diversifying what’s in your favorite guy’s closet. Just make sure you buy the right size!

For more tips to maintain the best style, check back for new and informative articles.


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