Style mistakes to avoid on first date

style mistakes

So, you are going on a first date. Excited? A bit nervous? Sure you are! Besides thinking about what to talk about and how to present yourself in the best light possible, it is of utmost importance to show up in style. This means be stylish and be yourself while being stylish. To make sure you look the best you can, here are 6 style mistakes to avoid when you want to make an impression.

  1. Wearing clothes that makes you look too serious.

Unless you are going on a business appointment, business suits are a no-no for a first date. If your personal style is serious, sure you won’t give up your individuality, but make sure you make yourself look just a bit more approachable and less like you came to sign a contract with a business partner by adding some fun details and color.

  1. Style mistakes, details and colors everywhere

While looking too serious can leave a bit wrong impression, what can give the same effect is wearing too much color, details or textures. There is a fine line between being fashionably creative and overdoing it. Make sure you look unique as you are, just don’t let the details you are wearing dominate during dating Kent.

  1. The -I don’t care about this date- outfit

As superficial as it might sound, our style speaks words. Going on a date in jeans, white shirt and with a ponytail can be okay, but might not exactly leave the impression you cared about your date. Causal is completely fine, if you just spice it up a bit. Instead of wearing your Netflix-comfy t-shirt, try with something more elegant. You don’t want your date to think you didn’t think you forgot about going out with them. Make sure they know you wanted to be prepared, as it is as effective as a compliment and you sure will make a positive impression if you show you tried. Effort is always a plus find your date on single men in Western Isles.

  1. Too much skin

Showing too much skin is like a poorly wrapped present. You sure know a present is awesome, you just don’t get excited by finding out what a present is as it is already unwrapped. A little mystery is always a bonus on senior dating, so make sure you mix sensuality and alluring appearance with just a dash of mystery. Some skin shows you are open, sensual and elegant, while a lot of skin doesn’t leave as powerfully mysterious impression.

  1. The old-fashioned

While over the top fashion victims can give off a bad vibe, what leaves even a wort impression is wearing clothes that is absolutely outdated. Sure that old dress makes you look great, gut they way its tailored says it all – you haven’t renewed your wardrobe in a decade. Sure, vintage fashion pieces always add some spice to the outfit on adult dating, but looking like you time-traveled from a different era isn’t really a fashionable option. If you like vintage stuff, be yourself, but make sure you add just a dash of latest fashion trend in your outfit.

  1. Overdoing it

Last but not least on the list of style mistakes. While being too casual can show you didn’t really care about the date, overdoing everything, from clothes to makeup and hair, can show you cared too much. Wearing an uncomfortable leather dress and a vamp full-on make up with false lashes can give the impression you desperately want to leave good impression, to the point of not really looking like yourself. Remember, moderation of everything goes a long way when you date Aberdeen singles.

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