How To Dress Happy And Feel Great In Any Outfit

The way we dress can have a tremendous impact on how we feel. Some clothes make us feel uplifted and energized, while others make us feel down in the dumps.

What’s going on here? Well, it turns out that there’s actually quite a bit of truth to this phenomenon. It turns out that the way we dress really does have an impact on how we feel and even our emotional health.

The techniques and tricks for dressing happy aren’t quite what you would expect, either. Many of the findings of the research are subtle and hard to identify. However, we now have a much better picture of how we can dress ourselves “happy” for example with a women black jacket and get the best possible start to the day. Let’s take a look.

Don’t Wear Clothes You Left On The Floor The Night Before

Wearing clothes that you left on the floor the night before seems like a sensible option. After all, if you just wear what you put on yesterday, you can save on washing.

However, this approach to getting dressed has some serious drawbacks. It turns out that it doesn’t prepare us psychologically for the next day. Instead, we get out of bed in the morning and automatically prime ourselves to expect something that was almost entirely similar to yesterday. This, in turn, prevents us from beginning the day with a winning-at-life attitude. It makes everything feel like a drag.

To avoid this, make sure that every day is a fresh start. Don’t just pick up whatever clothes you happened to be wearing the night before. Instead, choose something crisp and fresh from your wardrobe.

Choose Something Comfortable

We tend to associate the idea of dressing “happy” with confidence. But research shows that clothes that provide us with contentment and satisfaction actually serve us better. We don’t want to feel stifled all day in pursuit of fashion. Instead, we need room to move and want to live in clothes that don’t make us feel constricted in any way.

This phenomenon might explain some of the popularity of brands like Gitman Vintage. Yes, there is a focus on style. But the overarching aim is to provide people with clothes that actually make them feel good throughout the day.

Nobody is saying that you should wear tracksuit bottoms the whole time because that’s what feels good. But you do have to strike the right balance. If you can, then it will profoundly affect your psychology.

Wear Bright Colors

Unsplash – CC0 License

You might think that wearing bright colors is solely for your benefit. But the real impact is on the people around you. When you wear brighter shades, you automatically make yourself appear more attractive and welcoming. People are much more likely to talk to you and warm to you. This, in turn, can increase your social standing. It becomes easier to attract a partner or get a promotion at work.

In summary, you can feel good in any outfit, so long as you follow these rules. Critically, what you wear is just as important for other people as it is for you.

Main image: Unsplash – CC0 License

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