7 Best Brands to Consider When Buying Abaya Online

buying abaya online

Buying abaya online is more of a challenge given the various choices present today in comparison to old days when there was only one type of this attire. Since you’re seeking to buy a specific kind of abaya for yourself, knowing different abaya types can prove helpful for you before you embark on this journey. Black Camels maintains its abaya catalogue on a regular basis so when an abaya enthusiast, like you, stumble upon our product pages, they find one that fits them naturally.

So, let us share a few brand types that would help you in finding the best abaya online at our portal!

Butterfly Abayas

Speaking of best abaya brands, you must check butterfly abayas that offer you a flow while moving around in your elegant abaya. There are various notable butterfly abaya brands such as Lamia Farasha, Dina Basic Butterfly Style, Aziza Farasha, and Viyana Abaya listed on our portal.

These abayas offer you an elegant feel while wearing them at work, in the market, during your stay at home or anywhere you go. Made with premium quality material, these abayas are excellent choice if you’re seeking a long-term apparel for your wardrobe while purchasing an abaya online.

Coat Style Abayas

If you’re seeking to buy an abaya online for work, there’s a specific type called coat style abaya on our portal. This abaya is specifically designed for working women who, while going out to work, don’t want to lower their modest styling standards.

Ferosh Coat, AYCA Trendy by Beenish Hussain, Aqsa Coat Buttons Abaya, and Tazeen Dual Layer Abaya are some of the various abaya brands that you can consider buying. Each abaya is designed by keeping your professional requirements in mind so when you step in the office, your style introduces you before you say anything about yourself.

Denim Abayas

If you prefer to wear western dresses but don’t want to give up on your modest dressing, there’s one brand that you’d really like – the denim abayas.

Black Camel taps into current style trends of women of all ages and denim abayas are one of the variations that we came up with. These abayas come with various style options offering you a pool of choices for wearing a denim abaya making your personality stand out wherever you go.

Pick one or buy multiple abaya online from our extensive denim abaya collections including the Denim Zipper Abaya, Denim Front-Open Maxi Abaya, Denim Embroidered Trench Coat Abaya, and many others.

Embroidered Abayas

Women are inclined towards art and crafts from the dawn and they prefer wearing exquisite designs whenever they get a chance to do so. If you’re seeking to buy an abaya online that fulfills this requirement, you may consider our embroidered abaya range having various floral or patterned designs.

Along with having multiple color combinations, these embroidered abayas are made with premium quality so you can buy the best and display your elegant side in public. These abaya brands prove helpful in keeping up with your style statement and the desire to look elegant.

Jilbab & Khimar Abayas

Speaking of variety of abayas, you must check the famous Jilbab and Khimar abaya range that is the choice of millions. These abayas come with fantastic designs and patterns giving your body the comfort and care it deserves while you go out in public.

These abayas are famous for their modern design patterns and the kind of attraction they instill into the wearer’s personality. Wearing Jilbab and Khimar abayas offer you an edge over other females present in the room with their special features.

Party Wear Abayas

If you’re someone who likes to going out on parties and get togethers but don’t want to give up on your preference to wear an abaya, we’ve a perfect abaya brand in mind for you. Check out our party wear abaya brand that gives you the confidence to display your elegant and appealing self while draped in a beautiful party wear abaya.


While we conclude our list of the best abaya brands, not mentioning Kimonos would be unfair. Kimonos are quite famous amongst abaya enthusiasts who prefer to look elegant and appealing in public all while covering their body in full. Dalia, Yasmin, Viyana, and Fateh Kimono are some of the notable brands that you may consider while buying an abaya online.

Nahla, Azeena, Zerlin, and Diyana are one of the many party wear abaya brands that you may consider buying when seeking an abaya online. Pick an option, select the right size as per your body type and buy a party wear abaya online to impress your friends on your next meeting.

So, these were some popular abaya brands that you may consider buying when seeking an excellent option for your body type. Black Camel has an extensive range of abaya online for those seeking modesty and modernism simultaneously while wearing this sacred attire.

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