How to Dress for a Magical Trip to Marrakesh


Morocco has been one of the most coveted getaway destinations for quite some time now, and especially for westerners. What this country has to offer in terms of cuisine, shopping, sight-seeing and even luxury is very different, esoteric and mysterious, and that kind of oriental vibe is found extremely alluring. This is why Instagram globe-trotters and celebrities have been flocking to this country, paying particular attention to Marrakesh, its historic sights, the souk and everything else they can see and do there. So, just as there is a distinct French or Italian style, there is also the Moroccan style. During the sweltering heat you still want to look and feel as fabulous as possible, so if a trip to this destination is on your bucket list, add this style guide to the list as well.

Generally speaking


Being a somewhat conservative country, wearing the shortest shorts there are (which you will be tempted to do at 40 degrees Celsius) is frowned upon, which is why loose cuts and breathable fabric such as natural cotton, linen, chambray, rayon and perfect cotton-polyester fabrics are your go-to choice. Now, when it comes to the color palette, people tend to want to gravitate toward beige, camel, caramel and all those other earthy tones, but you don’t have to abide by this rule if ‘earthy’ isn’t really your thing. The color palette is yours for the picking, just make sure you have breathable options which are both modest and alluring at the same time.

The most modest of them all

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

A kaftan dress is hands-down the best garment you can put on yourself. You can go for bohemian prints, but you’ll make more of an impression if you wear something in an ethnic print, like this kaftan dress in burgundy, that shows off a little leg, but is still very down to earth and allows for plenty of movement. Flat sandals or comfortable earth-toned loafers are the perfect choice to go with it along with a simple camel tote. You can visit the souk and other daytime attractions in this outfit, and if the sun is a point of concern, a stylish straw hat and big glasses will amp up your style and protection level.

That pool of water


Swimming is inevitable, and probably the only way to cool off, so you’ll be spending a great deal of time at either one of the ten stunning beaches or the pool at your hotel. This, of course, calls for a variety of swimwear options, as this will be an opportunity for you to shine more than once, so several options must be packed. The polka dot trend is still ruling in the west, so perhaps an interesting option would be a white retro two-piece that might be an eye-catcher. Speaking of retro, the ‘90s styles have dominated the Miami Swim Week, so perhaps red swimwear, possibly an interesting Baywatch-reminiscent one is another great option. And, of course, don’t forget bringing something in your pastel hue of choice, as you can’t live without pastels this summer. To keep things classy, make sure you have a great cover up like a beige crochet kimono and amazing flats.

Try everything once in Marrakesh


When in Rome, or in this case, when in Marrakesh, you simply have to go on a camel-riding adventure, and we’ve got the perfect outfit for you for this occasion. High-rise wide-leg pants paired with a white cotton wrap blouse and a head wrap don’t only make a stylish but a practical outfit as well. For many first-timers this can be a bit of a tricky experience, so you want to make sure you have convenient clothing, and white will reflect the sun so you don’t, as Samantha says, “burst into flames”. The turban isn’t only the season’s must-have, but it’s also there to protect you from a sunstroke. If you plan on visiting the historic mosques in Marrakesh, this is definitely a decent outfit for that as well, just remember to bring a nice beige silk head scarf.

The nights are yours


What are magical evenings without a sultry body-hugging sequin dress? This particular one with hand-sewn details and bare shoulders is what Dua Lipa would call “hotter than hell”, so you’ll be sizzling and dazzling if you put on something like this for a romantic night in a restaurant. This particular one comes from a Moroccan brand called Merabi, so it has an even more of an authentic oriental vibe to it as it was made there and it can be both a statement dress and your version of a souvenir.


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