6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Physical Therapy Treatment Tables

What do doctors and masseuses have in common? If you guessed attending to clients with body discomfort, then you are right.

When these specialists attend to their clients, they keep them comfortable. One way they achieve this is by using the best physical therapy treatment tables.

The exam tables are not only for the client’s comfort. They also maintain hygiene. For instance, a masseuse cannot massage their client on the floor.

Are you looking for the best physical therapy treatment tables for your practice? Ensure you choose the best ones by considering the following six factors:

1. Size

Treatment tables for physical therapy vary in size depending on the patient type. For instance, a pediatrician should procure small exam tables. On the other hand, a doctor who attends to adults should purchase large tables for physical therapy.

2. Storage Capacities

The best physical therapy treatment tables come equipped with a storage place beneath them. Storage centers are great places to accommodate items like pillows, food, prescribed drugs, and surgical tools.

There is no particular way to design your storage cabinet. You can choose whichever design that appeals to you. If you need inspiration, there is a wide array of physical therapy furniture to choose from online.

3. Adjustability

Good medical exam tables for physical therapy are adjustable. Patients will be uncomfortable and exhausted at a table that cannot be adjusted. This is possible because they will remain stiff throughout a medical procedure or physiotherapy session.

Adjustable tables also make a practitioner’s work easier. The specialist adjusts the patient accordingly, depending on the procedure. For instance, it is hard for a dentist to attend to a client using a stiff table.

4. Durability

Due to the frequent number of clients a specialist interacts with, durable treatment tables are necessary. Could you imagine a table’s leg-breaking? Chances are high; the patient would fall and hurt themselves.

The best physical therapy treatment tables to get are hardwoods constructed with aluminum. Hardwoods and aluminum can withstand different weights.

5. Foam Thickness

Making your patient comfortable is vital. You are unlikely to retain a client if they complain of discomfort lying on the treatment table. For maximum comfort, ensure the foam of the exam table is thick.

Aside from comfort, thick foam means your exam table lasts longer. For suitable thickness, ensure it is between two to three inches wide.

6. Reviews

Before you rush to order an exam table, it is advisable to read online reviews about a specific table. Aside from customer reviews, you can seek experts’ opinions on the table of your choice. Reviews weigh out the pros and cons of particular exam tables.

Acquire the Best Physical Therapy Treatment Tables

Choosing physical therapy treatment tables requires patience. Sourcing for one is not like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor.

Remember choosing an uncomfortable table could result in clients walking away from you and giving you unfavorable reviews online.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. For more informative health articles, be sure to keep an eye on our website.

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