Top Benefits of Experiencing a Helicopter Adventure

helicopter adventure

Are you going on vacation any time soon? Have you put together your list of to-dos to make sure you get to everything you want to do?

Well, if you are still making the list, you should definitely put helicopter adventure on your list of things to do on vacation!

By going on a helicopter tour, you’re able to see much more of where you are from above instead of staying on the ground. Try it out for a gift, a date night, or something to do with your family!

Keep reading this article to learn about all of the benefits.

helictoper adventure

Amazing Ariel Views

Depending on where you are on vacation, a sightseeing tour can give you some amazing views. Imagine going to Hawaii and hiking around the mountains – that’ll give you one view, but if you go on a helicopter tour from the air, you’ll see an entirely different view.

Or, you can see the views from above New York City on a helicopter ride. Or click here if you want to find a helicopter tour to see amazing views of the ocean surrounding Florida.

One of the best parts about the views you may see are that you may not have been able to see some of those sights without being in a helicopter. Some areas do not have roads or any access, but if you take a helicopter ride, you may actually be able to get out and walk around a unique place. This is especially cool when you take a helicopter tour to a glacier, get out, and walk around on the glacier.

Give the Gift of Perfect Photography to a Loved One

Are you a photographer? Or is someone who you love a photographer or loves the hobby of photography?

If that’s the case, giving the gift of a helicopter ride can be a perfect opportunity for them to get some amazing photos. Whether they want to post the photos on Instagram or Facebook, use it for their own brand photos, or even sell the photography online or as their artwork, the photos would come out beautifully. 

Some photo ideas that you can print out for their inspiration:

  • A photo of the ocean from above with the shoreline
  • A photo of flying through a valley between mountains 
  • A photo of your feet hanging out of the helicopter above a city or the ocean

These are just a few ideas to give the gift with! Obviously, the photographer will know what to do as well.

Have a Unique Date Night

If you’re tired of your more typical date nights like going out to dinner or sitting at the movies, you should try to mix it up a bit with a date in a helicopter ride.

Not only are you and your partner doing something out of the ordinary in your typical routine, but you are also creating memories and adventures together that you will remember for your lifetime. Who knows? You may even find yourself telling your future kids about how this was your perfect date night.

If you want to take it a step further, you could even propose when you touch down somewhere special.

Create Lasting Memories

There can be a lot to say about giving tangible gifts that you can hold and touch. But there’s something special to say about giving a gift that you can experience and make memories with.

You can usually choose between so many different types of tours. Each one is unique and comes with different paths and sights.

Save Some Money

Although a helicopter ride seems like a lot of money up front, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Instead of paying for multiple tours (like a walking tour on a glacier and a photography tour), you can get all of those in one tour with the helicopter ride.

You’re paying more money up front but saving money in the long run.

Take a Risk 

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is too much to handle. But other times it can give you the push that you need to see the world from a different angle. If you are afraid of flying or afraid of heights, going on a helicopter ride will push you past your comfort zone.

You may start to see the world differently and maybe even fall in love with the thrill. If that’s the case, you’ll probably be signing up for bungee jumping or skydiving sometime soon! Or maybe even another helicopter ride.

Beat the Crowds

If you opt to go for a helicopter tour, you’ll definitely be in a smaller crowd for the obvious reasons that there is only so much space. This makes it a perfect tour option if you want to see the sights without a bunch of strangers seeing them with you.

You’ll be able to enjoy a scenic air tour without worrying about being constantly surrounded by other people, especially if this is something that annoys you about other tours.

Time For a Helicopter Adventure

Now that you’ve read all about going on a helicopter adventure, you’re probably ready to book a tour! If you do, you’ll absolutely fall in love with it.

Did you enjoy learning about the benefits of going on a helicopter tour? We have a lot more guides on our website! Check them out in your free time.

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