The Big Question: How Much Does an Implantable Contact Lens Cost?

Implantable Contact Lens

About 10 million Americans have gone through a LASIK procedure since it was first approved by the FDA in 1999. While it has changed the game in improving eyesight, it hasn’t been able to fix everyone’s eyesight. Implantable contact lenses may be the answer for those who don’t qualify for LASIK.

If you’re interested in this vision corrective procedure, the first step is to understand what to expect and its cost. This guide will explain implantable contact lens costs and what goes into determining that cost.

Implantable Contact Lens Cost

Depending on where you live and the specifics involved in the surgery, implantable contact lens procedures can range in cost from $1,500 to $5,000 per eye. This means you could have a total cost of $3,000 to $10,000 for both eyes.

The best approach is to schedule a consultation with a reputable service like icl surgery. The skilled medical team will assess your condition and current eyesight ability. Then they will create a treatment plan and discuss costs.

Factors That Influence the Cost 

The cost of your contact lens fitting depends on several factors. Where you live, the reputation of the facility, and the experience of the surgeon all contribute to the cost of the procedure.


If you have insurance, you could check your vision coverage. However, most insurance companies consider ICLs to be cosmetic. This means they are not covered, and you will have to pay for the procedure out of pocket.

Potential Future Costs 

You may need a future lens replacement, depending on the progression of your eyes. While you can’t take your lenses out on your own, you can safely have the lens taken out and replaced with a new one. While you can have a lens replacement as often s you need, each of these procedures represents an additional cost.

Costs Compared to LASIK

An implanted contact lens surgery costs more than LASIK. This is because the procedure requires more prep work leading up to the surgery. It also takes longer to do the entire surgery.

Costs Compared to Contacts 

While implanted contacts can seem expensive, you need to compare that cost to the ongoing cost of wearing contacts. Even the best contact lens prices can contribute to significantly more ongoing costs.

With regular contacts, you must pay for an annual exam to update your prescription. There is also the cost of the contacts. Depending on the type of contacts, when you buy them, and how many you buy, the cost can get quite high.

Implantable Contact Lens Near Me

While we discussed implantable contact lens costs, these are a general guide. Costs can vary greatly from one practice to another and from one region to another. The best approach is to look for doctors in your area and schedule a consultation for a quote.

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