5 Things to do on a Bahamas Trip

Are you visiting the Bahamas? If you are, you probably already have some idea about what you’re going to do there; indeed, there is no shortage of events and activities to keep you entertained, but if you have a chance, why not check out some of the best activities below.

Lucayan Park

The Bahamas is best known for its white tropical beaches and its azure waters, but that’s not all it has to offer. In Lucayan National Park, not far from Freeport, you will find a jungle with a subterranean cave system. This is worth a visit if you’re a more earthy person and animal lover.

The park is a national heritage site with wildlife protection, you can see a wide variety of birds on long nature walks, and you can see bats when the light starts to fade. If you’re brave, you can signup for one of the caving expeditions and visit the area in a unique and memorable way.

Castaway Cay

There is a private island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay; the reason that it’s private is that it belongs to the Disney company, who bought it from the government and set up a special resort. Anyone can visit the island and enjoy the many luxury sites and features in the area.

The first thing you will notice about Castaway Cay is the ancient-looking pirate ship in the harbour that seems as though it has just sailed off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. On the shore, you can enjoy long walks, basketball courts, food and drink stalls, and plenty more.

Hire a Yacht

If you find the blue ocean is calling you, it might be time to give into th urge and hire a yacht for a private adventure in the Bahamas. Yacht hire is very popular on the islands, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a boat, so why not view all the yacht rentals availability in the Bahamas.

Whether you want to head out on your own, as part of a romantic excursion, or with a small group of friends, you can have an amazing time on a yacht. Set on deck and enjoy the sun and a cold beer, cook something onboard, try some fishing, or switch on the tunes and party.

Swim With Dolphins

The Bahamas is the perfect chance to tick something off your bucket list – swimming with dolphins. Dolphins are amazing animals; they are intelligent, friendly, and playful; that’s one reason swimming with them is such a remarkable and life-changing moment not to be missed.

If you plan to visit the Bahamas and you want this special experience, it’s best to head to Blue Cove Island for the opportunity of a lifetime. But that’s not all Blue Cove Island has to offer; this location is historically unique as it was once used by pirates, and it has some amazing walks.

Stingray Adventure

Another amazing creature local to the Bahamas is the stingray, notable for its shape and reputation. However, with the right training, you can get in the water with a stingray and observe it in its natural habitat. Visit the shallow waters of half Mood cay for your chance to meet one.

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