Tips for Luxury Road Trips

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If you’ve ever decided against a road trip because you thought you had to sacrifice your love for the finer things in life in the process, think again. While most people don’t necessarily associate luxury with a road trip, there are many ways you can make this experience much more stylish and upscale, with just a few small changes to your travel plans. So, here are some tips for turning a road trip into a luxury adventure:

Plan a schedule with luxury in mind

Planning a schedule is the most important part of a road trip, because not all itineraries will lend themselves to finding luxury along the way. Certain areas of most countries can make finding luxury even more challenging, if not entirely impossible. That is why your road trip may have to take you through areas that are more urban in nature, and have less small towns and dirt roads along the way. The only way to ensure you experience a luxurious adventure is to choose the tips that are most important to you and plan your schedule accordingly.

Choose a deluxe ride

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Unless you already own a lavish car, convertible, or an RV with all the amenities, think about renting your ride. The vehicle you choose will depend on the number of people that are going on the road trip, your preference and, of course, your budget. There are some great RV options nowadays equipped with all the conveniences you could ever need, such as climate control, walk-around island beds, multiple TVs, touchscreen control panels and patios. However, if it’s just the two of you, why not rent the car of your dreams? If you’ve always pictured yourself behind the wheel of a Porsche or a ’66 Mustang convertible, now is the perfect chance.

Be mindful of driving

While the epitome of luxury would be to hire a driver for certain parts of the road trip, or even the whole adventure, it is not always a feasible option. If the driving is up to you, make sure to rest properly, plan all of your stops in advance, treat yourself to some delightful music and try to switch the driving duties with your road trip partner, if you can, in order to be able to enjoy the wonderful sceneries along the way. Since road trips can take you through some rougher rural terrain, it would be best to learn how to avoid animal collision, in order to have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Opt for upscale hotels

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If you own or rent a deluxe RV equipped with full beds, then you are already set for accommodations. If not, then try to spend at least a couple of nights in luxurious hotels. While upscale chains like the Hyatt and Four Seasons are always a safe bet, if you have the chance, try to book some of the high-end local hotels. The biggest advantage of this kind of accommodation is that you get a flavor of the area you are visiting, you get the chance to meet more local people and you might even find some hidden gems to visit on your journey.

Dine in lavish restaurants

However tempting the convenience may be, don’t even think about stopping at a chain or a fast food restaurant. There is no reason you can’t enjoy a luxury dining experience while you are on the road – chances are you will be able to find many top restaurants in unexpected locations. However, the best idea may be to research the restaurants in the area you are visiting and put the best options into your itinerary. Aim for farm-to-table restaurants that will allow you to taste fresh local produce and cuisine, and it’s always a good idea to talk to the chef in order to get the best local experience.

Think about extraordinary activities

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There are endless options on the road for out of the box activities, so why not go all out? Whether you decide to go on a private helicopter tour or a ride in a hot air balloon, arrange a picnic in a vineyard, get backstage passes to a concert or take cooking classes from a famous chef, the choice is all yours. Just give yourself the freedom to be creative and enjoy the experience.

However you decide to plan your luxurious road trip, always remember to leave room for the unexpected – some of the best vacation memories are made when you allow yourself to be spontaneous.

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