Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Body Type


It can’t be underestimated just how important the right footwear is. Whether it be for comfort, style or both they can make or break us… and our outfits!

But while most of us bear comfort and looks in mind when we buy footwear, very few of us take our body type into account. The shape of our body really should be considered when choosing shoes. Here’s why and what to look out for…

Re-measure your feet regularly

It is important to bear in mind that, over the years, your feet change, as your body changes shape. A pair of ankle boots that fit you perfectly when you were in your twenties are likely to be too tight to wear in your thirties.

As you age, your feet change shape. This is the case even if you still weigh the same. Often, the arch of your foot will change shape. The bones in your feet spread slightly as your tendons and ligaments become less elastic. Plus, some of the padding in the sole of your foot disappears. All of these changes combine to mean that as you get older you are likely to find that you need to wear slightly bigger shoes or boots. You can read more about how your feet change as you age here.

The best way to make sure that you are always wearing the right size footwear is to get your feet measured, regularly. This is particularly important if you have recently put on or lost a lot of weight.

Shoes that flatter

Choosing the right style of shoe can make a big difference to how you look. You can use the footwear that you wear to accentuate certain features of your body or to tone things down slightly. For example, if you have broad shoulders a delicate pair of pointy court shoes can help. They draw the eye away from your shoulders and accentuate the narrower bottom half of your body.

The right height

The height of shoe you choose also has a big impact on how you look. If you have short legs, wearing heels helps to lengthen the bottom half of your body. Interestingly, they do not have to be particularly high to do the trick. They just need to be high enough to make your foot slope forward slightly. This gives the illusion that you have longer legs.

The right shoes for your leg shape

It is particularly important to think about the shape of your leg when you buy shoes. If you have thick, short legs a pair of open toed shoes will elongate your leg. You should also avoid wearing shoes with thin heels. This type of heel only emphasises the thickness of your legs. Solid heels are a much better option for you.

Open toed shoes are also a good option for women with long, muscular legs. They help to elongate the leg visually, which makes them look more slender and feminine.

Once you find shoes that flatter, make a mental note, and carry on buying them. But, remember to occasionally try on different styles of footwear. That way as your feet and legs change shape, as you age, you can continually update your footwear to better suit your body type.

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