Style tricks to transform your look in 2020 with Femme Luxe Finery

Do you want to transform your style during the New Year? Maybe you have fixed ideas of how you want to dress and it’s time to change it up a bit? That is why it’s important to take the time to make combinations with items of clothing that you usually do not wear. What do people wear that you like? You can find inspiration on TV, in magazines or on Femme Luxe Finery Here are some tips to make 2020 your most stylish year ever!

Add a touch of color

Many women opt for “safe”; gray, black, white, blue. Nothing wrong with that, but by adding color your outfit suddenly looks very different. A clothing combination becomes a whole by having a color return somewhere. If you wear a red top, choose shoes in that color or add jewelry or other accessories in the same color. I hear so often that you have to combine a maximum of 2 colors in 1 outfit, but why? Adding one or two extra colors can do so much for you! Think of details. A shirt that just above your top, jewelry or a scarf with extra color. You can also add extra color with shoes, a vest or jacket.

                                                                                       Gold bodysuit

Choose a surprising color combination

Often you choose a color combination that is “right” for you in one way or another. But in principle, you can combine all colors from your personal color palette!

Choose a piece of clothing in the color of your hair

Blond, brown, red, black or gray, a garment that matches your hair perfectly is always beautiful! Pay attention to it. When choosing the shade, pay particular attention to whether the cool or warm undertone is equal to that of your hair color.

Let go of fixed ideas

A classic dress gets a completely different look if you wear a cool biker jacket over it. Or you can wear a classic jacket for your sporty jeans. This way you can also “transform” clothing that you have bought for special occasions into an everyday outfit.

Combine long with short

A long cardigan over a (short) skirt or dress, a dress with a (short) cardigan or jacket looks much more exciting than clothing that divides your body in two, such as a top on trousers.

white bodysuit
                                                                                         White bodysuit

Combine tight with wide

If you wear a wide sweater or top, make sure you have straight/tight pants or a skirt. The other way around if you choose a wider pair of pants or flared skirt, it’s better to wear a fitted top. Do not wear wide, shapeless clothing on your widest body parts, they will only make you fuller.

Accessories and jewelry

The great thing about jewelry is that you can create surprising changes with it and always give the same clothing a different look. Choose an accessory that suits you. With a scarf you can make your clothing look different in an instant. Because you wear a scarf close to your face, it is also a perfect way to match clothing that is not entirely your color with your skin color. There are many variations for wearing a scarf. You can even wrap a thin silk scarf around the handles of your bag for a playful touch.

bodycon mididress
                                                                              Bodycon  mididress

Vary with shoes

With shoes you can change the look of your outfit. With pumps you create a classic, more chic combination, ankle boots look cooler and sneakers more sporty. But there are many more options, ballerinas, sandals, boots, uggs, etc. You can also combine different styles with this. A (classic) dress with sneakers, or pumps with your jeans.

Use different materials

Every fabric has a different appearance. Mix different fabrics such as leather, denim, linen, knits, lace, faux fur and cotton in your outfit and also think of the accessories and shoes. This can lead to surprisingly beautiful results! When you combine different materials you never look boring, even if you only use one color.


                                                                                      Distressed jeans

Wear 1 eye-catcher

One striking item per clothing set is often enough to make a nice overall picture. You can think of everything: striking shoes or a bag, a garment in a striking color, a hat, but also striking clothing can make a garment stand out. Make sure that the eye-catcher emphasizes your most beautiful body parts.

Combine different prints

You might find this a bit daring, but if you ensure that the basic colors of a print come back in another print, you can come to surprising combinations. You can also combine stripes with dots, checks and / or flowers in an outfit

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