3 Behaviours That Will Show the People Close to You That You Care

We all want to show the people close to us that we care, don’t we? It’s one of the basic fundamentals of the human condition that we all need to bond with other people, and take care of the people who we hold dearest in the world.

We want to do whatever we can to ensure that our children have the best possible start in life, and the best opportunities for the future. We want to ensure that we tell our families how much they mean to us, and are able to support and thank our parents for all of the sacrifices they’ve made for us.

We want to let our friends know that we remember all the uplifting little moments that bond us to them.

So, how can we most effectively set about showing the people close to us that we care? Well, we could, of course, go the traditional route and give them (ethical) diamonds from New World Diamonds, for example.

But we could also do it through our everyday behaviours.

Here are some suggestions.

Take the time to really talk — but more importantly to listen — to them

These days, many of us are chronically busy and stressed, to a degree that means we all too readily fail to make the time for meaningful and uplifting discussions with those close to us.

Perhaps more importantly, though, we often don’t really listen to those we care about, when we “talk.”

The thing is, listening is a great gift to give. Because when we listen attentively and don’t offer too many suggestions, we allow our loved ones to use as therapeutic conversation partners, in order to hash out their own issues and refine their own thoughts on a given subject.

Making the time to talk — and especially to listen — is no small thing.

Adopt an attitude of personal accountability, instead of projecting onto them

The term “personal accountability”, and more recently, “extreme ownership”, implies someone who accepts responsibility for their actions and their circumstances, and looks for proactive solutions, instead of looking for people to blame.

Unfortunately, too many of us are quick to lash out at our loved ones when we’re in a bad mood, or when things don’t work out as we’d like.

Instead of shoulder the burden ourselves, we pass the buck, and rant at our partners for minor transgressions that they don’t deserve to be attacked for, our snub our friends for no good reason.

By adopting an attitude of personal accountability instead, we make life a lot better and a lot less painful for them — and for ourselves, too.

Make time for them in general

Most of us have a decent amount of free time at our disposal — at least in theory — but all too often we don’t use that free time meaningfully interacting with the people we love.

How often do you visit family, or spend an evening with your partner, but spend half your time on your phone, ignoring them?

By making time for your loved ones — really making time, that is, without distraction, not just being in the same room together — you show them that they’re worth your undivided attention, and the emotional benefits of this can be immense.

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