10 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends You Cannot Ignore In 2019

Over the years, the men’s fashion scenario has witnessed great evolution as the modern man has become more style-conscious. If you are a man of style, you would definitely want to know what lies around the corner. Well, if you love those sunny days and would want to look your best this summer, we have a list of fashion trends that will be the hottest in the summer of 2019. Have a sneak peek before the season is here!

1. Grab attention with printed shirts

This summer, shirts are set to get a lot more interesting, with prints going to be the flavor of the season. Abstract, stripes, polka dots, animal prints, and even floral prints, you can try anything that you can carry with aplomb! But make sure that you choose to wear the right print on the right occasion.

2. Suits become quirkier with bold stripes

The conventional pin stripes will lose their dominance this year as bold stripes will get all the attention. Designers are opting for prominent bolder stripes in tailored suits and do not be surprised when you find a few people in your professional circle flaunting this trend. All you need is the right attitude and you will definitely be able to carry these stripes. 

3. Ripped jeans will be here yet again

You cannot call this a new trend but it will still be a trend because there will not be a single fashion lover not flaunting them. However, just save those ripped pairs for casual outings and don’t wear them to work. Pick a few pieces in the lighter shades of denim to get your collection season-ready.

4. Statement tees will make statements 

The summer of 2019 will be the best time to make your statements, and nothing will do that better than statement tees. You can flaunt big texts and logos on plain tees or experiment with the superhero trend. Adam White, founder of Jasper Holland says that although he loves superhero t-shirts, most women want their man to wear a more classy t-shirt when they go out. Still, you can follow your heart!

5. Relaxed dressing with wide-legged linen trousers

Summer dressing is all about being relaxed and wide-legged linen trousers will do the trick this season. An excellent blend of style and comfort, these are meant to give you a great feel and drape that linen is so well known for. Plus, you get a lot of breathing room that is so important to be easy even while you sweat during the hot days.

6. Flaunt the summer-ish vibes with white chinos

Men’s fashion is all about being well-groomed and comfortable because these are the factors that ultimately determine your looks. Make sure that your wardrobe is updated for the coming days by stocking it with white chinos. Pick a piece that is well-fitted and lightweight. Experiment with the look by rolling up the ankles on casual outings.

7. Shorts will be longer

Sounds contradictory but believe it or not, this will be the hottest trend for the summer of 2019. This time, the length of your quintessential pair of shorts will sit somewhere below the knee. When it comes to styling, sporty colors and abstract prints will be in. When you shop for shorts, prefer relaxed fits that you can carry effortlessly every day.

8. Pastel sneakers for dressier feet

The bold colors in sneakers will be passé for men in the upcoming summers as pastel sneakers will be in trend now. According to designers, colors like beige, peach, mint, salmon and baby blues will be the favorites. So you’d better get going to have your shoe collection ready well in time.

9. Round sunglasses will keep you cool

If you want to look truly cool in the coming summer, invest in a pair or two of round sunglasses to keep your style game on the top. Just check out your favorite celebrities and you’ll know how amazing these glares can look!

10. Colorful bracelets will pep up your look

And how can you forget accessories when it comes to creating a complete summer look for the urban-chic man! The coming season will see the return of colorful bracelets. Whether you want to rock them singularly or flaunt a few pieces from your collection together, it’s all up to you. Just make sure that you wear shades from the same family if you do not want to go overboard with color.

Hope these style tips for summer 2019 will help you to get your wardrobe ready for the upcoming season. Just pick these pieces and get ready to welcome summers in style!

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