Why Pilates is great for your posture and text neck syndrome


Daily, we are faced with so much stress, both mental and physical and due to fast life our bodies suffer greatly in many ways. Sitting in office eight hours a day, rushing from one place to another, carrying heavy bags and spending time by the computer and our phones – such lifestyle is giving us text neck syndrome and putting pressure on our body. All of this causes not only discomfort, but all kind of health problems as well.

The first targeted part of body is our back and spine. This is why more and more ladies are on about how great Pilates is, and they do not come from a place of dishonesty. One of the best trends out there right now is probably the trend of being healthy and into exercise, as our body really needs it. But, when talking about improving body posture and reducing neck pain, what is it exactly that makes Pilates stand out in a group of all other exercise types? Here are the reasons.

1 It improves flexibility

Pilates is widely popular among ladies of all ages, and this is because it suits all age groups. Unlike other practices, it’s main focus is making the body feel more elastic, all thanks to coordination and stretching exercises. There are few main aspects of it and many benefits it brings to those who exercise, but one of the most important is increased flexibility. Ladies who practice Pilates will notice their body feels more youthful, due to muscle stretching exercises, and this is particularly relieving for those who suffer from back pain, and it has almost therapeutic effect on joints and muscles supporting spine.

2 It improves strength

Speaking of support, one of the biggest causes of bad posture are weak muscles. Healthy spine is supported by strong back muscles, but when we don’t engage in physical activity, these muscles weaken. As a result, we feel tension followed by back pain. What makes Pilates especially effective here are exercises which are effective enough to straighten these exact muscles, without putting extreme pressure on body. It helps strengthen upper and lower back muscles, hips and buttocks, and these groups of muscles are crucial for healthy body posture.

3 It helps with coordination

To be the most effective ourselves, we need to improve coordination, and Pilates is going to help us do that, thanks to series of exercises which target group of muscles and improve our focus during exercise. Pilates enhances muscular control and our shoulders and neck will feel really grateful after such exercises, as our effectiveness throughout the day will be improved, and our bodies healthier.


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