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We see them looking immaculate on the runways, rocking the looks of some of the most prominent designers of today. They dazzle us when they smile and wave a kiss at a Victoria’s Secret show. They’re on magazine covers and we even get to ‘bond’ with them via Snapchat and see tidbits of their lives on Instagram. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we don’t, but the one thing we can probably agree on is that they look stunning, with photoshop and without it. We don’t, however, think that we can ever look like them, and that’s where we’re wrong. As one of them, namely Kendall, has once said ‘we are the models of our time’ meaning that they’re more accessible than all the other generations. What that means is that they’re more willing to share their lives with fans, and the sharing includes model diet and workout tips. Perhaps we’ll never get our wings, but we at least make the effort to walk down the street looking like we’re strutting with a pair.

Ciao Bella

model diet

Although there’s no denying that great genes run in the Hadid family, make no mistake – Bella works hard to maintain and improve her figure, as it is her meal-ticket after all. When it comes to diet, she cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a low carb high protein diet. She states that keeping her diet full of protein and generally clean of any unhealthy food is the first step to success. High-water intake is the second Hadid rule – always keep hydrating. Now, as far as the workout goes, it’s pretty intense, so you better be willing to do the legwork. First there’s a 20-minute intense running session, followed by boxing, and finally there’s a series of weight exercises targeting the abs and glutes. She admits that she too has insecurities, and that she would for instance love to have a larger booty. She advises you dress comfortably and wear the type of gear that’s both supportive and flexible. Oh yeah, one little thing – she does exercise up to three hours a day, especially before any major fashion show, so make sure you’re up to the challenge.

Hey cutie

model diet

As much as we love Gigi’s unconventional beauty, especially her wide hips that haters used to take her down saying she doesn’t have a model’s body, the girl persevered and is now one of the most coveted models on the planet. We admire many things about her figure, but we’re most interested in how she gets those killer abs. According to her trainer, Gigi’s typical session consists of switching back and forth between cardio-friendly boxing and strenuous floor work to keep her core engaged through a total-body workout, but if you want to get to the core of her incredible core (pun intended) check out her complete step-by-step routine. It’s exhausting, but when you see those abs, it’s totally worth the struggle. As for her model diet, this Hadid keeps this versatile – bacon and eggs for breakfast, and as she generally works out after it, she treats herself to a good lunch – she doesn’t shy away from burgers, says they keep her sane, but arugula salad is her forever go-to. Dinner is lean and extravagant – sushi, but if you don’t have a model’s budget, there are light dinner alternatives to turn to.

This jenner-ation’s model diet

model diet

Finally, the list could not end without Kendall. You might love or love to hate the Kardashian clan, but the girl has made it big, and she deserves her title of the highest-paid model of 2017. So, let’s see how this goal-getter gets the body she has. Kendall loves grilled veggies and rice, which you have to admit is delicious and healthy at the same time. There is also a strong presence of hummus, raw veggies, frozen yogurt for those guilt-free indulgence moments. As almost every other supermodel, she’s a fan of superfoods as well, mostly eggs and avocado – got to keep up with those proteins. Now, Kendall does admit her eternal love for pizza and pasta, and that’s what she usually goes for on her cheat days, but remember, don’t make every day a cheat day. Surprisingly, unlike her fellow supermodel friends, she’s not a big fan of cardio, but she does it. Her absolute favorite exercise routines include planks and squats – these are magical for that butt and abs, so make sure you can keep up with her 13-step routine before you commit to achieving these body goals. She may have a cheat day, but she makes up for it, big time.

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