Why Apartments Have Replaced The Home For Many People

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One thing cannot be denied, the world’s population is out of control. There are now a whopping 7.5 billion human beings living on earth and soon by 2020 or possibly 2022, it could be 8 billion. Governments and the populace are trying to work out how to live comfortably and also keep the housing market going while not taking up any more of the ‘green’ land. Nobody wants their entire country to be paved over and turned into a colossal concrete jungle. Yet at the same time, these people have to live somewhere and conditions that are cramped and relinquishing privacy will stir up unrest. So it’s a difficult situation that has to be dealt with right now and accommodated for the increase of births, people living longer and also the other factor of more and more people are earning more. But like any capitalist society, innovation is the solution. If you cannot build outward, then you must rise up and build upward. Hence why there are many new ideas and ways of looking at the apartment building that has come to the aid of many nations. There are even some people that prefer to live in an apartment, than in a traditional home. What could be driving this and why now?

The stark obvious

The average cost of a home in America is around $188,000, while the average cost of a high-rise apartment is around $75,000. That’s more than half the cost of a home, saving you tens of thousands of dollars which you can spend on anything else. Some people save up a lifetime to get to that amount of money and then they realize that they might have trouble paying for the home’s mortgage, the bills and the general maintenance of owning it. Therefore people are asking whether or not the aim of buying a home is purely driven by societal pressure or is it something they can really afford and want?

Although it’s clear that the apartment will be smaller, for many people it’s a better financial option. They do share some similarities however, since the value of apartments is continuing to rise just as home prices are. Apartments are great for all kinds of people such as young professionals, retirees, second homes for the wealthy, those that want to raise a family in the city and even for seniors that work in the city such as in the financial industry or lawyers. One thing that cannot be disputed is that apartments aren’t just sold based on their size, but location also.

Amenities and accessibility

Ask anyone that owns or rents a high-rise apartment as to what drew them into this kind of living, one of the first answers you’ll get is that the amenities are brilliant. Don’t forget that high-rise apartment buildings are not the same as traditional apartment blocks. These are in the upper-middle class to luxury ranges, and they will certainly have some benefits to them outside the property. As you can see on https://www.highrisesinhouston.com the amenities that you will have in a high-rise property are designed to make life easy as possible but also an appreciation for leisure. For example, you have access to a large common room where you can relax in leather chairs and also enjoy the view. Here you’ll have access to many subscription magazines, free coffee, flat screen TVs, the ability to purchase snacks and some buildings even have their own private library.

As you can imagine, this kind of lifestyle is appealing to many because you will also have access to both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. A fantastic way to calm down after a long hard day at work, free of charge completely coming with the residency status. To that end, you also have access to a gym and fitness center to put in your workout sessions and keep healthy. There are parts of the building catered for outdoor lounging, and here you’ll have a barbecue area where you can cook outside. If you have a car, you have a free parking space or access to the parking lot at any time. All the amenities are designed to make sure you don’t lack anything a normal home would have but also, to make life pleasurable with lounging and leisure activities.

Who would thrive here?

The question on your mind is, would you fit in? That’s certainly the next question you should ask yourself after the question of affordability. There are many kinds of people that would fit into a high-rise building lifestyle. Chief among them are young professionals. If you work in the banking sector, or in some kind of financial company such as a private fund or investment bank then buying a condo or a high-rise apartment should be high up on your list. You’re young, presumably in your 20s or early 30s and you are earning a high four-figure salary or perhaps even over $100,000. You don’t have a family or children so buying a home is a bit absurd. Instead a high-rise apartment that is in the city, very close to work and has access to all the things you need and desire, it makes for the perfect choice of living.

Somebody who wants to start a family in the city, would also find it a great place to live. There’s the dream that many people have of leaving the city and buying a house for the growing family. However for many people, they would rather live in the city where their family and friends are, as well as where their well-paying job is. Buying or renting a larger apartment as a couple, means you have plenty of space for young children and when things get stressful, there are plenty of things to do on your own in your ‘me time’.

High-rise apartment buildings are getting more and more advanced. They were once seen as for the rich and famous only but actually, with the average price of an apartment becoming more affordable than ever, it’s a viable alternative for families and young professionals alike.

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