All The Celebs Want These Luxe Features In Their Homes

When it comes to living well, celebs know what they’re doing. From trips to the Hamptons to buying million-dollar mansions, there is a lot that they can teach us about the luxe life.

As celebrities make more money overall, the competition is hotting up to see who can have the most elegant and luxurious party pads. No expense is spared these days, and nothing is too extravagant. Take a look at some of these luxe features today’s crop of celebrities want in their homes.

A Spa

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Once upon a time, a spa was somewhere you went outside your home to be pampered. But for stylish celebs, that just isn’t enough: not only does the spa have to be in the house, but it also has to be manned by a full-time staff, ready to perform any kind of pampering at a moment’s notice. These home spas usually come as well-equipped as their commercial counterparts, complete with steam room, dry sauna, and the obligatory massage room. Oh, and we can’t forget the construction too: stone and tile work is a must.

Hidden Doors That Blend Into The Decor

Historically, hidden doors had a function. They were used for priest holes and in later centuries, to hide people at risk of being caught in conflicts, but now celebrities want them because of the cool factor. Doors are so passe. They get in the way of the aesthetic of a room. Far better to have a door that blends into the design of the room for a more seamless experience. It could feel a little claustrophobic, but that’s a small price to pay for something so unusual.

A Stables

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According to an article by, stables are an essential feature of the grandest homes in the country. Oheka Castle, the setting for a Rita Ora music video, has an entire block dedicated to the maintaining and care of horses. The celebs themselves might never actually saddle up and go for a ride, but no country mansion is complete without the option of taking a horse out for a hack on a warm Sunday morning.

An Observatory

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You might think that the only person who would have an observatory in their own home would be the Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees. But you’d be wrong. Celebrities also want to be able to gaze at the stars, when it suits them.

Domestic observatories can be quite elaborate using telescopes with mirrors over 20 inches in diameter. That’s many times more powerful than the telescope used by Galileo Galilei to observe the four major moons of Jupiter.

Pooch Pampering

Where would celebrities be without their animals? They love them so much they treat them like they are people. George Clooney cried for a week when his pet pig died.

Today’s celebrity pets get the star treatment, just like their masters. Celebrities have done everything for their pets, from building their own pooch-sized showers to constructing entire wings of their homes to meet their animals’ needs. Nothing is too much trouble.


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