What we can learn from the Wim Hof method

Wim Hof method, icebath

Wim Hof has become a major sensation over the internet nowadays and for good reason. The man that created the Wim Hof method has led an astonishing life, filled with unbelievable achievements. At age 60, Wim holds to this date, 26 world records! One such example is taking the longest ice bath: 1 hour 44 minutes. Though his achievements may marvel us and may also lead us to consider these things undoable or impossible, but Wim himself maintains that everyone else can do so too, as he himself stated:

What I am capable of, anyone can learn.

It all comes down to having determination and control over inner nature; Wim wants people to follow in his footsteps and achieve what he did, in fact may people have done so. The Wim Hof method is tailored just for this purpose. The three most major (and free) exercises that we can learn from the “Wim Hof’s Method” are:

Wim Hof method: Cold Showers

First thing to do in the morning is to take a shower, right? Well, we’ll just modify it a bit. Take your shower, in fact enjoy it. Once you’re done, turn the knob all the way to cold, as much as is bearable to you. Once that’s done, tolerate it for 30 seconds. After that, step out of the shower, and have a nice day. Repeat this daily and increase the exposure time to cold water. Not only will this improve blood circulation, it will also energize your body.

Wim Hof method, cold showers

Figure 2: Photo by Carson Masterson on Unsplash

Breathing Exercise

For this, you need to be seated in a relaxed position with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Set a timer for 20 minutes, then breathe in deeply through your nose – fill up your lungs to the maximum. Then breathe out via your mouth. After doing this for 40 times, hold your breath without breathing in, for as long as you can, and then breathe out. Repeat the above steps till the timer runs out.

Determined Mindset

There’s no particular trick when it comes to this step. If you want to achieve something and you believe that you can do it then it will definitely happen. Just believe in yourself and have a strong vision, you can achieve whatever you put your heart and soul to, given that it is within reason.

I hope that you will try these exercises out and enjoy healthy lives.

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