What is a wood planer

wood planer

Chipping away the imperfection

Do you like the finish on your desk? It is created with the help of wood planer machine. You must be wondering what is a wood planer machine, aren’t you? Simply put it is a woodworking machine which trims board to a constant thickness on both surfaces. Many furnished products are created with the help of these. It is known to many people with different names like thickness planer etc.

Introduction: A wood planer machine consists of 3 essential components.1) Cutter head: It incorporates all the cutting knives.2) Set of rollers: The rollers are used to move the board in a translatory motion to guide the cutter head for smooth operation.3) Table: The table is used to adjust the level of thickness need to chipped away according to dimensions of the finalized product.

Working: The table is set for the required thickness and the wooden board is fed into the machine. One of the rollers grabs hold of the board and push the board further into the machine so that the cutter head can remove the material uniformly for a smooth finish.In the end, the other rollers push the board out of the machine and Voila! It is done.

What to look for when you buy one: There are some of the points one should keep in mind when they are about to buy a wood planer machine.

1) Type: Before buying one, decide for what purpose it is going to be used. For high precision, heavy, large one should be used. They are expensive but they are capable of churning out even the slightest in millimeters. For some prefixed thickness the small and portables one can be used. The type of motor used is also a key factor while choosing one. 2 types of motors are incorporated in the machine- induction, and Universal. The Induction type motor is heavy, expensive but it is known for its reliability while the Universal type motor is lighter, portable but can be quite troublesome when used for hardwood.

2) Working space: Those who have a big garage can go for the heavy duty variants while others should go for portable one as the wood planing machine requires adequate workspace as if the wooden boards ejects back with a very large force. The wooden board may also get broken or get jammed if not given enough space on the other side of the machine.

3) Cutting speed: Different types of wood require a different type of stroke speed and hence one should choose a machine which can accommodate variable speed.

Above all this, one should be cautious around these machines as they don’t leave a minor scratch on the body. Every operation must be done while wearing safety harnesses.


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