Cuddling Up: Why Cashmere Staples Are Essential For Winter 2020

Source: Everyday Cashmere

Looking to refresh your winter wardrobe? Elevating your day to day cold weather outfits can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, winter weather dressing can be effortless, it’s simply a question of investing in the right core pieces and materials to get you there. If you’re searching for elegance, quality and warmth, then you’re not going to get any better than cashmere clothing. Of course, cashmere is a bit of an investment, that’s no big secret, but once you grab yourself some beautifully basic pieces that fit you perfectly, you’ll come to realise just how worth it this luxurious fabric is! Here’s why cashmere staples are absolutely essential for winter 2020…


One of the very best things about cashmere is that it provides you with maximum warmth whilst still enabling your skin to actually breathe. You want to surround yourself with soft materials that aren’t going to bring you any harm or cause any issues after extensive wear. Well, cashmere’s lightweight nature, natural fibre composition and smooth to the touch quality will always ensure that your skin is happy and well cared for, no matter how wrapped up you are!

Comfort and Warmth

Whether you’re taking countless Zoom calls from home or you’re spending your 2020 winter out and about exploring your local area, you’re going to need a collection of pieces to keep you cosy and warm. Cashmere is unbeatable for warmth and comfort, it’s sumptuously soft, light, perfect for layering and amazingly insulating. One or two sweaters, a couple of neutral toned lightweight scarves and smaller cashmere accessories will shield you from the winter chill, indoors or out!


Cashmere is beautiful, versatile and totally timeless, making it ideal for dressing up or down literally all year round. Throwing money at fast fashion might feel fun in the moment, however, these pieces are trend driven, low quality and bad for both your skin, and the environment. By slowing down and thoughtfully investing your money in classically chic pieces that will stay with you season after season, you’re doing the ecosystem, your bank account and your personal style all kinds of favours in the long run. Cashmere has been a fashion favourite for hundreds of years, so it’s safe to say that it won’t be going out of style any time soon!


Cashmere pairs amazingly with pretty much everything in your closet! By shopping for classic, high quality pieces, you’re investing in an elegant and versatile wardrobe that you’re going to love styling for so many seasons to come! Your plush cashmere basics like turtleneck tees, crew neck jumpers and oversized scarves, such as Everyday Cashmere match perfectly with bolder pops of colour, patterned statement pieces and other natural materials such as cotton, leather and silk. With cashmere basics in your winter wardrobe, you’ll never be stuck without anything to wear again.


Although cashmere clothing requires a little more love, care and attention than your other items, it repays the favour by lasting for years. Properly caring for your cashmere really does mean that you’ll be able to treasure your investment pieces forever, making it more than worth the investment. Follow the care instructions closely for meticulous maintenance that will keep your cashmere in great condition at all times.

Start shopping for your basic must-haves to transform your approach to cold weather dressing for good! Whether you’re looking to invest in gorgeously sumptuous wraps and scarves, chunky knit sweaters or cosy socks, cashmere is going to be the fabric for you!

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