What I Learned about Life and Business from My Trip to Singapore

There was a prominent IT conference in Singapore a few months ago, and I was very lucky to represent the company I worked for at the event. Actually, I have been working for the big international corporation for many years, felt very comfortable in coming to the office every day, wearing my smart suit and having a beer with my colleagues every Friday. Never in my life, I have had a thought of being an entrepreneur, although I have always admired those brave people, who could become bosses of themselves.
And here I am, a 30-year-old programmer, a head of the department with great managerial and communication skills meeting all kind of successful people from all around the world in Singapore. And guess what? A half of them is doing freelance or owns a personal business. I realize having this community support is so important and I decided to come back here for Tony Robbins UPW seminar.
I became especially excited when I met expats living in Singapore for a while and running their companies there. I went for a drink with a British expat guy and discovered a whole lot of things that changed my life forever. I also invited him to com along with me to Unleash The Power Within event.

Business Lessons I Learned

First of all, own business is not that scary thing as it seems. Perform marketing research in your niche, write a good business plan, consult with professionals and start!
Secondly, the idea of own business in Asia seems very nice to me. Not only it is a very perspective economic region with the simple procedure of new foreign business registration, but also I fell in love with Asian culture, welcoming warm-hearted people and the beauty of nature. Why not change your environment and have a completely new start in Singapore with a possibility to travel and explore so fascinating Asian culture and lifestyle?
In order to be officially registered in Singapore, you have to go through the procedure of company incorporation. Once it is done, find a Corporate Secretary, who will assist you with all legal issues and act on your behalf when you are absent. You can check the companies that provide assistance or ask the local businessmen for the personal recommendation.
After that, you should get your Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass), which is basically Singapore Entrepreneur Visa. This paper will allow you to stay in Singapore longer to set up and manage your business.
After all, Singapore seems to me such a perfect spot. It is an exciting mixture of Eastern and Western cultures, the best place to start getting used to Asia. Singapore is a fun international city, so it is impossible to get bored here. However, the cost of rent is quite high, but I consider it a challenge to earn more money and to make my new business successful.
So in a month, I am quitting my old job, and meanwhile, I am getting ready for my new beginning in Singapore – writing a business plan, performing the research, looking for a flat and making documents to transport my cat to Asia.

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