How to find the perfect winter sweater during Black Friday

black friday

Black Friday is the perfect timing to shop for statement wardrobe pieces! Especially when it’s cold outside you might want to add a couple of sweater to your wardrobe. But how to be stylish and feel warm at the same time? Here are some Black Friday shopping tips! Shop your winter wardrobe at sevengrils during Black Friday you will enjoy all the discounts!

Big shapeless sweaters

They are super comfortable and warm but a big shapeless sweater might not look good outdoors. The solution wear it with a belt. A leather black or brown belt is perfect this will give you a waist and your sweater is still as warm as it used to be!

Create an edge

If you are shopping during black friday but want to make sure you don’t wear the same thing as everyone else. Go for lantern or bell sleeves. This gives your sweater or sweatshirt just that extra bit of elegance that you might miss in other winter fashion items.

Different fabrics

Yes you can go for wool, cotton or polyester. But this winter why not try a different type of fabric such as velvet or velour. Think of a blue or red velour sweatshirt and you know your wardrobe will look more stylish! A sweater from this material fits nicely around your body and is more feminine than thick fabrics.

Combine wool

When it gets really cold layer in wool! From a wool cap, scarf and gloves. Make it trendy with some knee high leather or suede boots. And the finishing touch some faux fur wrap!

Wear a winter long sleeve crop top

Ok it’s cold but that doesn’t mean we have to cover everything up. As long as you are wearing a warm coat you can wear a long sleeve crop top. For example with a high waist jeans or high waist skirt. I’m sure you can find one during Black Friday!

 Embroidered sweatshirt

Velour lantern sleeve sweatshirt

Heart print chunky sweater

Distressed multi color sweater

White v neck sweater

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