What colors to combine mix and match your perfect outfit

Putting together the perfect outfit goes beyond cut and material. By mixing the right colors, exciting combinations can be created. To help you on your way, we have some color advice to make your outfit just that little bit more surprising.

Not all colors work equally well with each other, so a little knowledge is not a luxury. Choose colors that reinforce each other and bring out the best in each other.

Are you someone who normally only goes for dark colors? It is difficult to step out of your comfort zone, so you can also start slowly. For example, go for a colored sweater that you wear with your favorite (black) jeans. That rainbow jersey that was a hit last year is perfect for this.

Not sure where to start now? Do not panic. We’ve selected color combinations to make it easy for you. You may not be so quick to choose some combinations, but these work very well. Trust us.

pink mini dress

Pink and white

Good news for those who prefer to keep their style as romantic as possible. Pink looks great with white. Whether you go for bright pink mini dress or prefer a sweet, soft shade. Combined with the basic color white, you always look good. You will never go wrong with this either.

Purple and beige

The fresh purple hue together with autumnal brown makes this combination ideal for both spring and autumn. Lila contrasts very well with beige. Both colors are totally on trend this season, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them. Brown pants with a purple jacket? Go for it!

Grey with red

What color goes with gray clothes? If you normally find gray a bit dull and inconspicuous, throw it into the mix with red. The contrast between the two colors is so strong that an exciting and surprising whole is created. Even if you only use a red accessory. For example, go for a red crossbody bag with your gray bodycon midi dress outfit. You will see that it immediately gets more spice.

bodycon midi dress

Dark blue and black

Not everyone is happy with this color combination and to be honest, we think that’s crazy. No combination is as chic, stylish, classic and tough at the same time as dark blue and black. You can go in all directions with it. So you can quickly incorporate this into your wardrobe.

Beige and cream

The combination of beige and cream – or off-white – may not be new, but no less beautiful for that. These colors work great together in a Breton stripe, but they are also very chic as separate items. For example, wrap yourself in a cream long sleeve bodysuit and a or beige pants. Without a doubt you will go through the day in style.

long sleeve bodysuit

Yellow and brown

Now that the seventies trend has reached a peak in recent years, we can no longer ignore the iconic color combination yellow and brown. Even if you are not a fan of the flared jeans and platform soles, this is a combination to try. How about a brown dress in combination with a bright yellow bag?

Black and white

The safest color combination out there is, of course, black and white. Where other color combinations in clothing slowly fade over time, the relationship between black and white always lasts. And we understand that all too well. Because you can really go in all directions with it and this combination always works well. You can easily combine a black midi dress with white accessories, jewelry or heels.

black midi dress

Personal style

Having your own style is important. In addition, certain color palettes and color combinations also require a specific style. Are you a bit tougher in nature? Then you won’t be walking around in a fine floral pattern.

Complete your outfit by making colors come back. Imagine: you combine a green blouse with red trousers. Then make sure your shoes or handbag have the same green color. Or even easier: wear a turquoise suit with an orange blouse.

White, black, denim, some items in your closet can really be combined with everything. It only becomes more difficult when you go for a color that at first glance seems to go with everything, but which eventually ends up in a clothing crisis. Fortunately, you can always turn to the fashion bloggers for much-needed advice.

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