What Are The Benefits Of Eating Maca Root?

Maca root is a plant that resembles parsnip and turnip. It is a versatile vegetable to cook and can be created into many different dishes.

As a superfood, maca root is something that many people take every day either as these maca root pills or a powder. It can be added to smoothies and soups and brings a wonderful sweet earthy flavour to any dish. But what are the health benefits of this root?

Today we are going to take a look at some of the biggest health benefits of maca and why you should add this into your diet this year.


One of the first benefits you can see when consuming maca is an increase in energy. As a supplement many fitness people use this before their workout to give a burst of energy and boost performance in the gym. If you often suffer from exhaustion this could be a great supplement to take and will help you stay healthy.

You’ll be happier

Many of the best supplements out there in the world can improve our mood, and maca shares a particular ingredient found in dark chocolate that does just this. Flavonoids are compounds that can stimulate the release of serotonin in the body and therefore improve our mood and prevent anxiety.

Lower blood pressure

We all know that life can be incredibly stressful and often we are stuck in a rut. But the good news is that maca root can reduce stress and anxiety using flavonoids, and also reduce blood pressure with certain biological properties. It means that you will not have to suffer from high blood pressure and your risk of heart disease is highly reduced.

Improved male fertility

The maca root is a popular choice for men in more than one way. It has properties that can increase the libido, it can prevent erectile dysfunction, and it can increase fertility. If you are looking to have a child and you are worried about your ability to conceive, consider taking maca supplements. Be aware, however, that if you’re suffering from issues like erectile dysfunction even after taking maca root, it might be a good idea to book yourself in to an ED Clinic Cascade or wherever you are to get checked by a medical professional. There may be underlying issues that need treating, so it’s best not to ignore them.

Protect yourself from the sun

There are many foods that can offer some UV protection, and maca is one of them. If you live in a sunny place or you often suffer with sunburn due to your complexion, taking maca root might help prevent this painful burn and allow you to enjoy your time out in the sun without and worry.

Better memory retention

If you knew this back in school, we bet that you’d have been taking maca root whenever you were close to an exam! Maca root can do wonders for your ability to learn new things as well as retain memory. It is even said that taking maca root supplements can be useful for treating those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia by providing neuroprotective properties.

A happy gut

Because it belongs to the same group of vegetables as parsnip and turnip, maca root is easy to digest and it will not make you suffer with indigestion. For a happier gut, adding some maca into your morning smoothie will help kick start the metabolism and lead to an IBS free day.

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