Use Fall Runway Trends as Inspo for Office Outfits


It might seem far-fetched at best that you could possibly pull off the latest Chanel sci-fi-inspired shawls, Saint Laurent dresses or Nina Ricci’s stunning pink coat in a corporate environment. But with a little modification here and there, and a few careful choices, you can turn the latest trends into a work-friendly outfit in no time.

With a wide spectrum of hues and a variety of cuts and shapes that play to your advantage, you can in fact use some of the most daring trends that inspired numerous well-known US, French or Australian brands to create a playful, but powerful wardrobe for the office.

Suit up

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Old but gold, one might think, but this season’s suits are unlike anything you’ve seen in a typical office environment. From oversized deep blue Céline combos, deconstructed and asymmetrical outfits by Jacquemus with a classic touch of French fashion, all the way to Marni’s vibrant ensembles, the suit trend is here to stay.

It’s all about testing the boundaries of color combinations, such as the designers’ favorite fiery red or orange with deep and royal blues, and emerald greens with soft creamy shades of pearl. Don’t be afraid to try out interesting patterns, as bohemian florals along with timeless stripes all go perfectly with an advanced version of the office suit.

Red is the new black

trends, office wardrobe

No longer reserved for cocktail dresses and seductive bedroom lingerie, various tones of bright red have taken over the runways by storm, and they plan to do the same with this fall’s office trends. And why not? It’s the perfect feminine color of power, passion and confidence, and it goes oh so well with your favorite pair of black heels.

Versace and Victoria Beckham created dresses with class in mind, and those stunning just under-the-knee dresses in rich cherry red are the ray of brightness an otherwise dull day at the office needs. And while it may not be the color for everyday-wear, it certainly gives you a degree of creativity to switch up your regular grays and beige cardigans every once in a while.

It’s all in the bag

Accessories are this season’s statement items of choice, and while the potentially loud palettes and sharp cuts are already bold, a well-chosen purse is the business-friendly equivalent of statement jewelry. Following in the footsteps of the latest designer trends, many an Australian fashion brand offers a collection of classic totes and over-the-shoulder purses for a businesswoman who wants to keep her inner fashionista happy.

Sunny red, oversized, with a jazzy yet simple print, or elegantly white, these bags are the perfect accessory to go with your vibrant red ensemble, or a minimalistic pants and jacket pair. Balenciaga, for instance, designed them to be practical and pretty, you can wear them for many occasions, but the office is where these bags will proudly stand out the most.

Rustic but stylish

Several collections from Britain (fairytale-like dress-code by Alexander McQueen included) along with many US-based designers flaunted an appreciation for the artisan, raw and comfortable look of what Marc Jacobs called “the dressing up of casual sportswear”. His own collection, inspired by a documentary aptly named “Hip-Hop Evolution”, exuded that casual, careless feel, that still managed to preserve an elevated cool to it.

Oversized jackets with fur neck collars and fluffy hems at the sleeves, multi-colored fur-coats and a range of light or dark brown, denim and ethnic patterns are all more than welcome to serve as a warm finale of your fall office outfits – especially if you’ve mastered the street-inspired look that can be easily transformed into business casual.

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