Top 3 favorite vegan shoes essential for your wardrobe

vegan shoes

Keep your feet warm in ultra lightweight, biodegradable Vegan shoes!

Shoes are essential to complete your outfit, nowadays we want our shoes to look good but we also want them to be produced under good circumstances. IONIC EPIC shoes is a vegan and cruelty-free shoe brand. A lot of shoes are made of leather or with glue of animal original, unfortunately the environment and animals are suffering because of this. But there are great alternatives nowadays IONIC EPIC shoes is made with sustainable vegan material, no animals are harmed. Perfect fun vegan shoes to walk on and at the same time you are doing something good for the world you live in! Here are my top 3 favorite vegan shoes essential for your wardrobe:

vegan shoes
1.) Lounger Slip-on
IONIC EPIC shoes consists of  a men’s and women’s collection. They have new designs and new colors coming in regularly. This white shoe design is one of my favorite I love the white color and contrasting details, they are super comfortable to walk on.

vegan shoes

2.) Men’s Sando in red
Keep your feet warm and your wardrobe on trend in these red vegan shoes. They are breathable, odor resistant and machine washable. With natural arch support and a slip resistant outsole. Available on Amazon and through their website.

5e65790042ec7d081d773828291b6af3_large3.) Women’s Peaton dark grey
These fabulous grey IONIC EPIC shoes are cruelty free, super light and comfortable to wear. I love to add them to the list of footwear essentials. Grey is easy to combine with any outfit. Made of biodegradable and sustainable material.

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