Tips to Travel Like a King on a Budget


Comfort and traveling should always go hand in hand. However, luxury is not something that all travelers should get used to. Not only because a majority of travelers can’t afford to spend a considerable amount of their budget on luxury items, but also because it is not a habit worth having. Instead, having a hobby that’s quite the opposite – saving money while traveling; now that’s a great habit that is smart and efficient. The trickling down of these small amounts saved over the years could possibly sponsor a trip itself if collected. Here are some tips to travel like a king on a budget.

Flying and expense reducing websites

One of the basic aspects of traveling is cross-country flights. These flights offer a great chance for saving money on airline tickets. It is advisable to plan beforehand and visit discount websites to check whether or not there are better deals. Even though these websites might charge a certain amount as a service fee, a lot more can be saved by planning in advance and using these websites.

Similarly, deals like these must be looked for in every aspect of travel preparations. Be it ordering a new luggage on Amazon, or any other item that needs purchasing, websites like Samplestuff.Com always have an array of deals available. Using such websites can bring down the overall travel expenses by 10%.

Food and the need to plan

Before reaching the destination, it is important to have an idea of what food items need to be purchased. Even though the whole idea of traveling to a new place is to try out new cuisines, having a strict budget for each meal helps in ensuring that a healthy diet is maintained (since it is already pre-decided what the meals are going to be) and secondly a lot of money can be saved so that investing in a fancy meal later on in the trip is not an issue.

In the plans for meals while traveling, it is advisable to avoid food given by the hotel where the traveler is residing. 90% of hotels around the world notoriously charge more than they should. This shoots up the hotel bill to unexpected levels. It is much better to step out of the hotel and check out local restaurants. There is a great possibility that the traveler will come across a great local delicacy at a cheap price.

Living on a budget

Living around a tourist spot may seem to be a logical thing to do for any traveler. However, most of the times this decision does not pay off. What happens is –

  • The travelers are required to travel long distances any way in order to visit other sites.
  • These hot-spots are filled with scammers.
  • Tourist hot-spots are usually costlier compared to other locations.

Hence, it is better to make your own path, instead of committing the same mistakes which other travelers make. Only then can someone claim that he has traveled like a ‘king’.

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