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  • Reply June 19, 2017

    Melissa French

    It’s Monday again and the grogginess is inevitable as you have to face another week of work or school and maybe just basically running errands like a typical adult. No big deal, we will all get used to it although we may be secretly crying in one corner as this begins to sink in our consciousness once again. So as you get up, here we are again, ladies, facing our wardrobe and thinking, “I don’t have anything to wear,” which is the biggest lie the men link to us because we do own a massive collection of clothes hanging in front of us and yet we just feel we like we have worn every single one of them. We just fear that someone will point out that we just repeated our outfits *gasps* but don’t fret! For I will be giving you a few pieces from an online boutique clothing shop, Buy Curvy, so your wardrobe stays updated!

  • Reply April 9, 2018

    Melissa French

    PLUS SIZE BOUTIQUE. Here we sell cute trendy affordable clothes! We have a great staff on hand to be more than happy to help you! Visit us at @

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