Timeless Classics of British Luxury for the Modern-Day Living by Englana®

British Luxury

There are some things in life that simply have to be the best quality. Even the smallest detail can completely change your outfit, your home and even your life as a whole, just by being made to the highest standard possible.

This is something that we understand fully here at Englana. As a British brand we are dedicated to providing high end luxury products, collections and designs, all of which optimise everything that you would think of with British Luxury.

We stock a variety of collections as part of our brand and these all have a special touch that makes them the go-to choice.

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No matter which part of our lives it is, we know that we deserve the very best. The very best in style, the very best in design and of course, the very best in quality. This is where the idea for Englana was born.

Inspired by the beauty of the Shropshire countryside, the design behind the collections that you will find on the Englana website were there to capture the natural beauty of the environment, whilst also utilising the amazing materials that could be sourced in the local area. This includes cotton, leather, linen and wool.

These materials were brought together to create a luxurious all British brand, that not only used local materials but also took steps towards supporting the all British manufacturers too. Something that we are still proud to do to this day.

British Luxury

The Victoria Collection

Take The Victoria Collection for example, the ideal combination of British design, beautifully handcrafted and exquisitely quality that only comes with the very best design and British made leather and other materials. Bold, bright and effortlessly beautiful, this is something that The Victoria Collection can bring to you.

British Luxury

The Goodrich Collection

For something that is unique, modern yet encapsulates the British heritage, you need the stylish yet simplistic elegance that comes with The Goodrich Collection. Featuring beautiful colour combination and finishes, this is a collection that you are going to love to own.


The Heritage Collection

When you think of British made, you think of beautiful quality that is hard to beat. The Heritage Collection is a fine example of this. Boasting wonderful colours and textures, this collection is popular with those that love nothing more than the past styles and looks that were the recognised feature of the British industry.

When it comes to Englana, you know that you will be buying the very best in quality. It is our vision to bring together highly styled, fashionable items for a range of uses, with the durability and functionality that only comes from the best quality material and manufacturing processes.

If you want to treat yourself, to invest in something that will stand the test of time, then Englana is the perfect answer for you.

Stylish, elegant, luxurious and useful, it is more than just fashion. With Englana you can always be sure that it is about the quality and the function of those beautiful items too.

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