Three surprising destinations that make for a unique holiday in Turkey

When travelling visitors often want to experience famous destinations from history. This could be a place that is historically accurate and fascinating to see how the event played out in the actual area. There are also destinations where stories were created from a moment or person in the area. Even if the story is somewhat exaggerated, it is still fascinating to learn about. Turkey is a large and beautiful country that has sandy beaches, bustling cities and picturesque mountains. There are also many historical landmarks that are commonly thought to be in other countries. The following are located in Turkey but are often thought of as being in other countries.


The city of Troy is famous across all the world due to Homer’s Iliad about the battle of Troy. The stories say that the son of Troy’s king, Paris, had sailed to Greece. While there, both Paris and Helen; the wife of the king of Sparta, had fallen in love. When Paris returned to his city he brought Helen back with him which prompted the Greeks to sail after and besiege the city in attempts to return Helen home. After many years of fighting a truce was called, seemingly due to the Greek forces being worn down. This truce was what created the gift of the large wooden horse that makes this city famous. While some protested this offering, a supposed deserted Greek soldier claimed that the gift was genuine leading the way for the troops, that were hiding within, to be brought into the city. When the Greek soldiers were able to, they opened the gates to the city, allowing the remaining forces to enter unchallenged essentially ending the war.

While this story is famous and has been used widely by the film industry, many people associate the setting for this city to have been in Greece. The true location of Troy is actually in the west of Turkey. Now it is an archaeological marvel and has steadily been gaining recognition for the beauty surrounding the city as well as for the city itself.



Cleopatra’s Baths

Off the south-west coast of Turkey, there is an island that was used to build a totally private bathhouse or hamam  as they are known in Turkish. Marc Anthony had this bathhouse especially built as a wedding gift as it was a bay where she already normally came to bathe. This island has not stood much significance in history, however, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony had major roles in the politics of both Egypt and the Roman Empire.

This island is only able to be reached via boat and is a popular destination for gulet cruises. www sail turkey net offers a variety of routes that stop at this beautiful bay. The water in this bay connects to an underwater volcanic spring, boosting the temperature and making for a comfortable swim while viewing the ruins.


Both Greece and Turkey share the Aegean Sea which is filled with many islands that are run by both sides and make for amazing destinations worth visiting. The island of Kos is a Greek-controlled island that is just off the coast of Turkey near the city of Bodrum. Kos has had a major impact on ancient Greek society as well as the world’s medicine. Hippocrates was a Greek medical researcher who studied at the Asklepieion at Kos before travelling and studying other techniques. Hippocrates was one of the most famous medical professionals at the time due to his oath, to help or do no harm, which he taught as he travelled. Besides the medical advancements that came from the Asklepieion, the island itself holds many beautiful wonders that should be experienced. The town of Kos near the harbour offers a mix of modern and traditional building designs that are brightly painted giving an air of happiness.

Around the rest of the island, there are beautiful sandy beaches that give way to crystal-like turquoise waters. Where the island heads straight into the sea there are wonderful bays that offer ideal spots for swimming and snorkeling due to the warm waters attracting different types of fish and Loggerhead turtles.

These three destinations are places that have sparked stories about them or have led to the development of the modern world. Tourists hoping to visit these historical destinations should beginning planning their next holiday to Turkey!

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