The Two Types of Clothes Steamers You Could Buy

If you are fed up with using an iron every day all day long and need a break, this article is the perfect read for you. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys pressing their clothes, it just seems like a tedious task, geared towards frustrating you, if you’re not too clued up on how to do it. Once in a while ironing clothes is rewarding but having to do it day in and day out may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Which is why we have an alternative solution for you – a steamer.

Not all clothes are easy to iron some have funny angles, nooks, and crannies that need careful handling, or risk burning them. If you’re like me and like your clothes without burn marks or holes on them, a steamer may just be the right thing for you.   

The best part is you do not need an ironing board. We all know how heavy those things can be. This article covers the various options that are available on the market because there are a few different ones that can fit every need and every situation.

Two Main Categories

Let’s start with the two main types of steamers available.

Handheld – with a smaller tank capacity, for small touch-ups and to take with you during your travels and excursions. These are extremely handy (excuse the pun!). Learn more about their features of these appliances from this source

The design typically has a few adjustments to various settings, for use on a variety of garments. This allows you to remove any wrinkles, big or small, easily and effectively. It is also ideal for use on delicate fabrics such as silk or lace. It is meant to produce hot steam, equivalent, if not better, to an iron.

These gadgets enhance your experience of ‘ironing’ out your wardrobe, by accelerating the working time by almost up to 65% more. Making it the best option for those who live a busy lifestyle and have no time to waste taking out an ironing board and ironing heaps of clothes every second day. not to mention if your lacking space, this could fit in any cupboard or shelf, without any hassles.

Some versions take only 40 seconds to heat up and can be used thereafter. The smaller ones hold up to half an hours’ worth of steam. This is plenty for at least 2 garments depending on how meticulous you want to be. Built-in creases are the norm with some, they give the same effect that iron does when pressing down a pleat or fold on pants or work shirts.

This handheld version is usually referred to as a travel-sized piece, that can fit into any luggage while traveling and can be used anywhere. Some people take it with them on business trips and others on personal family vacations. When taking a plane to any destination, no matter how short the flight, your clothes tend creasing up, sometimes it can be fine, but other times, especially when you’re on a business trip, the idea of having wrinkles on your clothes just spells out – a scruffy person!  

We don’t judge, but others might.

Upright – for the bigger jobs and can do a lot more than just take the wrinkles out of your clothes. These have a bigger water tank. They usually have a built-in hanger to hand your garment on while running the device up and down. Whether you’re buying a fabric steamer for yourself and your family, or, you prefer to buy one as a side investment for when you are not in the mood for some ironing, it can be used for any reason, and not just to clean your clothes but your entire household too.

These are perfect for bigger garments and households with larger families. The long pipes also help with reached curtain tops and upholstery of any kind.

They typically come with protection safety, so you do not burn your clothes too easily (unlike an iron). They also come with different steam settings for different types of clothes. There are not meant to be taken with you for traveling.

If you have a big load, the larger tank allows for up to three-quarter gallons of water to be filled in it and steam that can last for up to one and a half an hour. You can get through several different garments with this size and cut your time in half compared to when using an iron.

It is built to be portable and has wheels underneath so you don’t need to worry about crying it to different rooms in the house, but rather just pull it and it will roll in your direction with ease. The safety features in these types of steamers have an auto shut off adjustment that allows it to automatically turn itself off after about 10-15 minutes when not in use. Precise safety is a key component of these. They are also known to rotate a full 360 degree so you don’t need to adjust it, it can adjust to your needs.

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Other Uses for Them

As mentioned earlier, these inventions are so versatile that you can use them on other things around the house too. Because they are known to kill germs, bed bugs, and bacteria on fabrics, you can use them to clean your carpets, beds, couches, and mattresses and get them not only clean but hygiene proof them too. The steam is hot enough to kill any microorganisms living inside your upholstery.      

You can use it to clean your car seats and all. Guaranteed to leave it disinfected and also smelling nicer than the usual ‘engine and rubber car smells’ you find. By adding a little bit of environment-friendly disinfectant to the water in your steamer, you can turn it into a very handy device. But make sure its thoroughly cleaned out before you use it on your clothes again. A mild, natural disinfectant would be the best bet here.

Cleaning your drapes can’t get any easier with this appliance as well. A standing steamer is the best option for this as it has a long hose to reach in higher places. Surprisingly, you can even defrost your freezer with this thing! Just make sure to have a bucket that catches all the melted water. There are tons of other essential uses for this gadget and getting one will be worth your while.     

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