Modern Hanbok and its Transformation into A Fashion Statement

Dating back to the Goguryeo Era, Hanbok is Korean traditional clothing typically worn on formal occasions such as holidays and ceremonials. The modern Hanbok is based on the style of Hanbok worn during the time of the Joseon dynasty, consisting of easy-to-move skirts, pants and jackets. It is exemplified by bright colors and simple lines

One of the reasons behind Hanbok’s worldwide attraction is its enchanting look that dazzles through in the gorgeous lines formed by the body’s movement. Having been around for centuries, the Hanbok has progressed beyond Korea and is recently gaining attention from foreign designers. It has been worn by several renowned personalities from America, including Britney Spears, Nicholas Cage, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, and Venus Williams.

The allure of Hanbok lies in the tasteful flow of its lines and its color palette. The dress is said to symbolize beauty and class. As a noteworthy representation of Korean culture, Hanbok symbolizes exceptional beauty and is a powerful indicator of Korean identity and values. It has also gained global admiration through Netflix shows such as “Kingdom” and “The King: Eternal Monarch”, and through the wide recognition of Korean celebrities and music.

Though it may be easy to think that this traditional dress is worn only by middle-aged or elderly folks, or those leading an orthodox way of life, the Hanbok has significantly advanced beyond that. Younger Koreans, to a great extent, can be seen sporting them as a casual ensemble or on special occasions, including festivals, birthdays or celebrations. It is also popular among celebrities and non-Koreans for a unique and royal experience.

Many modern Hanbok dresses are being made using dungaree and checkered fabric, making it more pertinent to today’s style. Unlike the traditional Hanbok, the modern one has shorter sleeves and goreum, making it airier and more well-suited for the summer. The modern Hanbok skirt has also been made shorter to make it comfortable and easy to walk in for everyday wear.

When it comes to modern Hanbok looks loved by Korean women, it turns out, the possibilities are boundless. The choices range from sleeveless to long sleeve tops, as well as midi to mini skirts. Some stunning looks can be created given the extensive color range consisting of light pastels, vibrant rainbow colors as well as dark exotic shades. The modern Hanbok can also be styled using statement accessories and shoes.   

Hanbok pieces can also be paired with non-Hanbok pieces to create a fresh, stylish look. For instance, you can match a longer version of a jeogori with light faded denim or a super chic trench coat. You could style it with any outfit, and it will still give a timeless feel!

You can also mix and match colors from different ends of the spectrum and design a strikingly unique look. For example, try wearing a dark-colored skirt with a bright top and vice versa. For a professional environment, choose something more reserved and muted that makes you look sophisticated. Hanbok is an utterly diverse dress that can be made appropriate for any occasion and offers endless opportunities for you to have fun styling.

The modern Hanbok, though does not provide the same feeling of grandeur as the traditional one, is more suitable to everyday wear. It presents a more fabulous selection of choices regarding styles and shapes, incorporating them into their everyday apparel.

As many people today are ready to give in to the splendor of Korean fashion, they are open to exploring and finding out more about Hanbok. To taste the magnificence of Hanbok and its beauties, Korean In Me is here for all men, women, and children. Grab your favorite traditional or modern Hanbok now at the leading Korean Hanbok Store, Korean In Me, providing all fashion enthusiasts with a plethora of styles!

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