The Two Critical Components of Safe Weight Loss

Weight loss is a huge topic in the world. Everyone’s talking about fad diets, work out plans, personal trainers and exercises. As a result, people have realized the marketing potential and career opportunities on offer. Whether it’s offering health foods that claim to help you lose weight or personal training services, there’s a lot of weight loss-related job opportunities out there.

However, the most important thing to remember about weight loss is that there’s no magical formula; but there is science.

There are two important things to consider when it comes to losing weight; caloric intake and your metabolism. Your caloric intake needs to be lower than your expenditure if you want to lose weight; it’s really that simple. You might get some slight advantages by cutting out certain types of foods, but that leads to an imbalanced diet which could introduce health problems later on in life.

Secondly, your metabolism plays a huge role in your weight loss. However, there’s no secret to speeding it up; you just need to be more active. Someone that moves around a lot will have a higher metabolism because their body is accustomed to activity, while someone that is sedentary will generally have a slow metabolism. In order words, you need to get your heart working if you want to lose weight in addition to watching your caloric intake.

This is standard advice that everyone should consider before going on a fad diet that could potentially do more harm to you than good. Below, we’ve included a fantastic infographic that talks about proper diets and why you should avoid fads.

Infographic: University of Southern California

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